9 Sexy Anniversary Gifts For Her And Him (2024)

These sexy anniversary gifts are a great way to celebrate your love for your partner. Set the mood for a memorable romantic evening.

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These sexy anniversary gifts for your wife, husband, or partner will be perfect for a fun celebration.

An anniversary is the perfect time in a relationship to show extra special love to one's partner.

This can be accomplished through a sexy anniversary gift that'll open new doors and create even more lasting memories.

This guide features top gift ideas for him and her to help make couples have a perfect anniversary. From toys to lubes, there are a lot of great items to choose from.

Sexy Anniversary Gifts

A sexy anniversary gift is obviously quite personal. But there’s a number of options that work great for all types of partners.

Many of the presents on this list work well for both men and women plus solo and couple’s play.

Along with some unique takes on classics like massage oil, there's a gift for everyone on this list.

When choosing a present, it’s best to keep one's partner in mind and think about what excites them. 

For some, it may be a new soothing gel to bring into the bedroom. For others it may be a personal massager or latex panties.

Each gift can also be a great way to try new things, explore each other's interests more, and feel closer even outside of the bedroom. 

Best of all, these sexy anniversary gift ideas are all designed with a touch of elegance to make an anniversary that much better.

Let’s look at some of the great choices so you can find a gift that’s worth giving today!

1. Delay Spray

Delay Spray For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is much more common than most people think. Some recent estimates show that nearly 40% of men experience PE at some point in their lives. 

That’s a worldwide statistic as well, so there’s absolutely no shame in finishing too early from time to time.

Of course, on a special event like an anniversary, the fun should last as long as possible.

This is why a desensitizing spray is a great choice to extend the night and make for a truly memorable evening.

These safe and extremely effective sprays can significantly increase stamina in most men after just one use. 

They work due to the main active ingredient, lidocaine, which temporarily desensitizes nerve cells throughout the penis.

Since hyper-stimulation is a leading cause of PE, this temporary desensitization is one of the keys to increasing stamina in the bedroom.

By spraying just a bit on the head and shaft, and then waiting 15 minutes, men can help gain control over ejaculation without losing pleasure. 

Best of all, the spray is designed to not transfer to partners so long as it's fully absorbed. Give the gift of stamina to ensure it's a night to remember.

2. Lorals for Pleasure & Comfort

Lorals for Pleasure & Comfort is a unique gift that can bring new sensations to the bedroom.

These single-use and vanilla-scented panties are made from super stretchy latex for an unbelievably comfortable fit.

By allowing for the feeling of skin-on-skin contact, but with just a slight barrier, couples can safely indulge in new fantasies such as:

  • Rimming
  • Tease and Denial
  • Light S&M
  • Period cunnilingus

All of these scenarios are worth exploring, but may be a bit intimidating for those new to them. Lorals allow couples to safely and comfortably explore all of them and more with only their imagination as the limit!

3. VitaFLUX

VitaFLUX for Men

Sometimes, a little boost is all that's needed to take things to the next level. 

VitaFLUX for Men features a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients designed to help:

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Increase performance
  • Improve erection quality
  • Raise libido
  • Improve orgasms
  • Improve cardiovascular health and circulation

This easy-to-use supplement can be taken with or without food. It’s a great way to help increase a man’s performance inside and outside of the bedroom.

Plus, each of the active ingredients has its own health benefits. They range from cardiovascular health to improved testosterone levels and much more.

The main active ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Carnitine tartrate
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

4. MYHIXEL Male Stamina Trainer

Similar to the well known Fleshlight, the MYHIXEL Male Stamina Trainer is designed to be both pleasurable and used as a cure for premature ejaculation (PE.)

The MYHIXEL male masturbator comes as a plastic tube complete with a silicone insert, internal heating feature, and motorized massager to help stimulate the real thing as much as possible.

The main difference between the MYHIXEL and other sleeves is that the MYHIXEL comes with a training app that times a man's performance.

Through this special training app, your partner can record their time and learn unique tips and tricks to help build their stamina. 

As a gift that both feels great and can improve the experience in the bedroom, the MYHIXEL is the perfect choice for those who want to be productive while enjoying themselves.

5. Warming Female Arousal Gel

Arousal Gel For Females

Become a hero gift giver by enhancing her sensations even further with the Warming Female Arousal Gel.

Designed to increase blood flow towards the clitoris and produce amazingly tingly and warm sensations, this silky lubricant is a great way to spice things up and show her you really care.

As a primarily water-based lube with just a hint of silicone, it can safely be used with most condoms and toys. 

Of course, it’s best to check with your toys beforehand by adding a small amount to ensure there’s no reaction. There’s generally not enough silicone to cause problems in most cases.

To use, simply add a very small amount to the clitoris and surrounding areas. Wait around five minutes, and then enjoy the velvety tingles as the warming effect is activated.

Best of all, this luxurious gel is paraben-free and hormone-free to provide both safety and satisfaction.

6. Jazz Rabbit Vibrator

The Jazz Rabbit Vibrator is well-known in the world of toys, and for a very good reason!

It features a unique shape that hits the G-spot perfectly, along with multiple speed and vibration settings. 

With a colorful waterproof design, the Jazz Rabbit is a gift for her that will keep on giving.

The Rabbit is completely rechargeable, and it has four unique vibration patterns along with six intensity levels.

Enjoy smooth and rolling patterns, fast and intensely pulsating patterns, and everything in-between.

When it comes to her pleasure, the Jazz Rabbit is a phenomenal toy that can bring excitement into the bedroom.

7. Chorus Couples Vibrator

Join in on the fun with the Chorus Couples Vibrator for the next level in sensual play.

With two waterproof and body-safe silicone vibrators, each in their own unique shape, couples can enjoy simultaneous pleasure with vibrations along the G-spot, clitoris, and penis.

Partners can control each other's pleasure with the included remote that effortlessly changes the vibrations and patterns.

With 10 unique vibration modes and speeds, go to the edge and back throughout the entire night.

The batteries are fully reachable and last for up to 90 minutes to ensure ample playtime.

For a gift both partners will love, couples can’t go wrong with the Chorus Couples Vibrator.

8. Lavender Massage Oil

Lavender Massage Oil Gift

There’s nothing more sensual and bonding than a nice massage. To help enhance the experience, this Lavender Massage Oil will set the mood beautifully.

Crafted with a delicate and enticing all-natural lavender oil, this sensuously scented massage oil is the perfect addition to your next massage.

Utilizing body-safe ingredients, and with a texture that’s soothing but never sticky, massages can be taken to new heights with this luxurious oil.

9. Magic Wand

It’s rare that a product is named so accurately, but the Magic Wand certainly lives up to its name.

As one of the best-selling female massagers on the market, the Magic Wand is synonymous with pleasure and reliability the world over.

It works by providing intense and customizable vibrations on her most sensitive areas. Easily control how delicate or rough you want it to be. 

With up to 6,300 RPM, it can definitely get quite intense! Use it for solo play or on a partner for a night full of sensations unlike anything else.

As a sexy anniversary gift, one can never go wrong with the Magic Wand!


With these highly recommended sexy anniversary gifts, couples can give each other a gift that excites well beyond that special night.

Each gift can expand your sexual repertoire further and bring you closer together in exciting new ways.

With gifts for him and her, plus for solo and couples play, there’s an option for every occasion and taste.

From brilliantly scented oils to the cutting edge in personal massagers, bring otherworldly sensations into the bedroom with these sexy gift ideas today!

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

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