Lorals Latex Panties Review

If you’ve ever used dental dams and been frustrated, then Lorals Latex Panties are a great alternative.

Dr. Jordan Soper
AASECT certified sex therapist specializing in sexual anxiety and trauma
by Dr. Jordan Soper Last updated 07/31/2023
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For years, the only option people had to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during oral sex was dental dams.

Tricky to use effectively, these latex sheets helped, but were never a user-friendly option.

In March 2022, the FDA authorized a new type of underwear to protect against S.T.I.s during oral sex – Lorals.

Lorals underwear became the first approved wearable panties to protect against STIs during oral sex.

Quick FAQs

Lorals latex panties are designed to fit sizes 1-20

Lorals have a very mild scent and taste of vanilla.

No, they do not protect against pregnancy. However, the Lorals for Protection style does [prtect against STIs.

No, Lorals panties are meant for single use only.

What Are Lorals Latex Panties?

Lorals latex panties are latex underwear designed to be worn by individuals who are looking to enjoy oral sex without direct contact with their partner.

There are two types, the Lorals for Protection and Lorals for Pleasure options, and both are available in a “bikini” or “shortie” style.

Lorals for Protection

Lorals for Protection are latex panties approved by the FDA and are used to protect against the 35+ pathogens that are transmissible during oral sex.

The panties can also be used to prevent the spread of bacteria during anilingus (oral-anal sex, also known as rimming) due to fecal matter exposure.

Oral-anal sex may cause gastrointestinal infections related to the transmission of organisms like Shigella and Salmonella.

Anilingus is also thought to increase the risk of STIs.

Lorals for Pleasure

Lorals for Pleasure (also known as Lorals for Comfort) are also latex panties, but the FDA has not cleared them for protection against STIs.

While the design of Lorals for Comfort is similar to Protection models, these panties are primarily for people looking to enjoy the other benefits of Lorals.

For example, Lorals can be used during a period for blood-free oral sex, for grinding or scissoring, or simply to lower sensitivity levels during foreplay.

Lorals Latex Panties Pros and Cons


  • All Lorals underwear is silky to the touch and seamless for a natural fit
  • One size fits all from size 0-20
  • Individually packaged and portable
  • Easier to use than dental dams and offer a hands-free alternative


  • Only fits hip sizes from 26 to 51 inches (note: more sizes are said to be coming soon)
  • People with larger body shapes may not have the same level of body coverage
    • Lorals cost over $6 a pair, which can be costly compared to standard dental dams
    • Lorals are not an option for people who have latex allergies or sensitivities

      Lorals Panties FAQs

      How do Lorals fit?

      Lorals are made of latex, which means they don't fit exactly the same as a standard pair of underwear.

      You put them on like regular underwear and then adjust the latex, so it properly covers the genital area.

      Since Lorals are only one size, it is recommended to slightly stretch the waistband of the panties when you pull them from the package.

      On people with a larger body type, the waistband will be stretched thinner, and there may not be as much coverage for butt cheeks.

      This can make the panties look more like string-bikini-style underwear.

      Are Lorals Panties Reusable?

      Lorals latex panties are designed for only one use, regardless of which type you are using.

      The latex material is really thin, which means it could break down with reuse.

      Therefore, they would not offer the same level of protection or comfort.

      Be sure to dispose of each pair after using them.

      Do latex panties protect against pregnancy?

      Lorals latex panties do not protect against pregnancy and should not be relied on for pregnancy prevention.

      Further, the latex panties are not designed for use during intercourse, only during oral sex or other sexual foreplay.

      Are latex panties the same things as female condoms?

      Lorals latex panties are commonly wrongly assumed to be a type of female condom.

      However, female condoms are designed to be inserted into the vagina with a tube of latex connected by a smaller internal ring and a larger external ring.

      Therefore, the two are made completely different and designed for different uses.

      Where can I buy Lorals underwear?

      Lorals latex panties are available directly through the Lorals website. However, the products are also sold by other companies that focus on sexual wellness products like Promescent.

      Do Loral panties have a taste or smell?

      Loral panties have a gentle vanilla fragrance and taste.

      The manufacturer uses a food-grade vanilla flavoring during their patented creation process, which gives the underwear its unique taste and smell.

      Unlike some latex products, Lorals latex panties do not smell or taste like rubber.

      Which STIs can latex panties prevent?

      Several STIs are spread through oral sex, including:

      • Genital herpes
      • Syphilis
      • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
      • Gonorrhea

      Other STIs may also be spread through oral sex, even though this happens less frequently.

      A few examples include HIV, genital warts, and pubic lice.

      When used properly, Lorals for Protection may help lower the risks of these STIs due to the panties providing a barrier between the body and the mouth.

      Final Thoughts on Lorals Latex Panties

      Lorals latex panties are an exciting alternative to dental dams for STI protection during oral sex but may offer additional uses.

      While Lorals are more costly, they offer a hands-free option for protection during oral sex.

      Lorals for Protection are FDA-approved for STI protection, but Lorals for Pleasure are good options for people looking for mess-free period play or less sensitivity during oral.

      The latex panties can even be used to thwart the transfer of bodily fluids or bacteria during all types of oral sex if one partner or the other desires the added barrier.

      Dr. Jordan Soper

      Dr. Jordan Soper

      Dr. Jordan Soper is a Board Certified Psychologist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and owner of The Center for Sexual Health and Wellness in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Soper’s areas of expertise include evidence-based treatment for sexual health and functioning disorders, anxiety, and trauma with diverse populations including military/Veterans, first responders, police officers, members of the LGBTQ+ community, young professionals, students, therapists, sexual assault survivors, and members of the BDSM/Kink/Fetish community. She is passionate about education, advocacy, and using humor to decrease shame and stigma around mental and sexual health concerns.


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