7 Standing Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Standing sex positions can be just what's needed to spice things up in the bedroom. Here are 7 standing positions to try tonight.

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by The Promescent Team Last updated 12/11/2023

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best standing sex positions

Standing sex positions can bring new excitement to your sex life. Keeping sex as something you only do lying can potentially make things boring after awhile.

Trying some standing positions can be a great way to add spontaneity and variety to your love life.

Many of them are easier than you think! With standing sex positions, you can have sex in unique places while discovering new erotic views and sensations.

Learn about the best standing sex positions along with some modifications and tips to enjoy each position to the fullest!

Standing Sex Positions

With standing positions, you can unchain sex from the bed and bring more unique fun to your relationship. It allows you to discover new views and sensations that bedridden positions may not provide.

Most of all, it’s a way to spice things up, which is a key to keeping things sexy over time. While some positions can be enjoyed on any type of flooring, other positions are best on a carpet or with additional pillows and blankets.

As another tip: some of these positions are great for beginners, while others may require more upper body strength and flexibility.

Even if some of the ideas seem intense, they should never be painful or cause strain (beyond the pleasurable kind!) A few other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Taking breaks if a position feels uncomfortable
  • Modifying the position to reduce soreness
  • Using adequate lube

Finally, try a supplement like VitaFLUX to potentially increase your libido and help things last longer into the night. Here are some of the the best standing sex positions to try today!

1. Standing Doggy Style

standing doggy style position

Standing doggy style is a variation on the classic position that provides you with complete spontaneity plus a number of unique modifications.

As in the original doggy style, the woman will bend over while the man enters while standing from behind.

However, since this is about sex positions standing up, she will not be on her hands and knees like in the original doggy style.

While standing, she can:

  • Place her hands against a wall
  • Place her hands on the edge of a couch, bed, or table
  • If flexible enough, can lean forwards and hold onto her legs or the floor for support

The possibilities are endless, which makes this one of the best standing sex positions for beginners to try before doing more complicated variations.

2. The Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow position

The Wheelbarrow is highly athletic and takes some time to get right. But the experience is well worth the hassle!

To start, the woman will get into a pushup-like position on the ground, with her hands firmly planted for support.

Next, the man will hold onto her legs, and lift her lower body up to his groin.

From there, he can enter from behind while holding onto her. Her hands will remain on the ground, and she can bend or extend her elbows for more support as well.

One modification is the kneeling wheelbarrow, where one knee is left on the ground and only the other leg is held by the man.

This modification can make it more beginner-friendly. Whichever version you choose, the wheelbarrow is a great position that can instantly make sex hot and heavy!

3. Three Legged Dog

Three Legged Dog Position

The three legged dog is a very fun standing sex position that’s also very accessible! The woman will stand facing her partner, and she’ll wrap one leg around his back allowing him to enter from the front.

She can either be leaning against a wall or standing normally, depending on preferences.

While this position may seem a bit more ordinary than the others on this list, it allows for a lot of variety including:

  • Fast and hard sex
  • Gentle and romantic sex
  • Different angles to change depth and sensations
  • Can be against a wall or while standing without support

As a helpful tip: the man should hold onto her leg and neck for the best balance and support. If done against a wall, one arm can hold her leg and the other can hold the back of her head to prevent any discomfort.

4. Upstanding Citizen

Upstanding Citizen position

The upstanding citizen can potentially feel like a full-body workout! The woman will wrap both of her legs around the man’s back while he is standing upright.

She can also wrap her arms around his neck for support. He’ll hold onto her legs for support as well.

This position offers great intimacy as it provides very close contact which is perfect for kissing, hugging, and warmth.

Of course, some upper body strength is required for this position, but it’s well worth trying if you’re in a frisky mood!

5. Standing Spoon

Standing spoon position

The standing spoon is a position that's great for slower, more romantic standing sex. It’s easier if both partners are around the same height, although the taller partner can kneel a bit to make things work.

To enjoy, both partners will stand straight, and the man will enter from behind. It may seem simplistic, but the variations are what makes it fun!

Some modifications include:

  • Pressing her against the wall
  • Slightly kneeling
  • Having her grind and bend forwards at times (turning it into a modified standing doggy position)
  • Going slowly to turn it into sensual edging

Plus, this position is very beginner-friendly, making it a great introduction into the world of standing sex!

You can also engage in some unique toy play as well. Some exciting options include:

  • Nipple clamps
  • Buttplugs
  • Blindfolds

6. Piledriver

Piledriver position

The piledriver is one of the more aggressive standing sex positions that can also be gentle and romantic despite its name.

It requires some strength and flexibility, but the amount of depth this position provides makes it worth the extra effort.

First, she'll rest on her back on the ground, and then lift her legs in a V-shape over her head. She should also curve her body so that only her head and shoulders are touching the ground.

He will then hold onto her legs, and enter from above while in a semi-squatting position.

This move requires some athleticism and flexibility from both partners. The piledriver is quite versatile and great for:

It’s best to do the piledriver on a soft carpet or with plenty of pillows and blankets for support. Take it easy at first to prevent strain.

The woman should always be aware of any pressure on her neck or shoulders. If there is any pain, try a different angle or add more cushioning so it can be comfortable and safe.

7. The Butterfly

the butterfly position

The butterfly is another good beginner standing position. One partner will be lying on the bed, making it less intensive than some other positions on this list.

In the butterfly, the woman will be lying on a bed with her hips close to the edge, and the standing man will enter and bring her legs to his shoulders.

This position can be tried before doing more difficult moves, and it can be great for both slower and harder sex as well.


Standing sex is a fantastic way to increase spontaneity within a relationship. These positions can add more energy to sex, and bring out more passion between partners.

From standing doggy style to the butterfly, there are a variety of interesting and fun new ways you and your partner can get intimate.

Remember to always stay comfortable, use adequate lubrication, and stop any position if it’s painful or uncomfortable. If you have trouble lasting long in any of these positions, consider using a climax control spray.

With these tips, couples can explore sex in a way they’ve never explored it before. Try one of these standing positions tonight.

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

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