The Orgasm Gap

Today, far too many people believe that when they have good sex, men and women are supposed to orgasm around the same time. But, like many other common misconceptions, the science just doesn’t back it up. On average, men take about five minutes to orgasm, while women take much longer, which means that men climax a lot more often than women do. This difference between the male and female orgasm is what we call the Orgasm Gap.

Believe it or not, science is to blame. Because men and women are scientifically different. But the best way to beat science is with better science. And that’s where Promescent comes in.

Promescent works by delaying the orgasm through postponing ejaculation, so sex can last up to 64% longer. It gives men greater orgasm control without loss of feeling, so couples have more time and freedom to experiment in bed. And that leads to really good sex.

So fight science with better science, get better at sex and close the Orgasm Gap.

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