Medical Journal Study Finds Promescent Spray Helps Make Sex Last Longer by up to 64%

Promescent is a powerful new option to help close the “orgasm gap” between men and women

The International Journal of Impotence Research has released a study reporting that Promescent, an FDA-compliant topical spray, helps males last significantly longer in bed before orgasm, leading to enhanced quality of sexual experience and a greater chance of both partners orgasming.

The study, which was authored by leading industry experts Dr. Kristen Mark, a noted sex and relationships researcher at the University of Kentucky, and Dr. Ian Kerner, a nationally recognized sexuality counselor and bestselling author of She Comes First, found that participants’ average time from penetration to ejaculation was 11.16 minutes during sexual events when Promescent was used and 6.81 minutes when it was not used, representing a 64% increase.

The study also found that Promescent is effective in closing the “orgasm gap,” or the difference in the amount of time it takes a man to reach orgasm compared to a woman. Research has shown that men take an average of five minutes to reach orgasm while women take an average of 18 minutes, leading to less sexual satisfaction among both partners. Study participants reported that 65.6% of sexual events resulted in both partners having an orgasm when the product was used, versus 44.1% when the product wasn’t used.

Promescent, made by Absorption Pharmaceuticals, is an over-the-counter product that uses a proprietary formula to help make sex last longer and give males orgasm control while maintaining sexual sensation. Applied ten minutes prior to sexual activity, Promescent's absorption technology, in conjunction with the metered-dose spray bottle, enables men to deliver a specific and reproducible amount of the product to consistently manage the proper amount of Promescent for each user’s level of sensitivity. Furthermore, Promescent will not transfer during sexual activity, ensuring that partners will not experience a decrease in sensation.

"Much of my research has focused on sexual quality and solutions to sexual problems, particularly in the context of relationship dynamics,” said Dr. Mark. “Our findings support that Promescent is effective in improving the quality of sexual experiences and increasing the frequency of both members of the couple experiencing orgasm, both of which are crucial in helping couples feel more satisfied with their sex lives.”

“Many of my patients express that sex doesn’t last as long as they’d like to in bed, including men that last longer than the 5 minute average,” Dr. Kerner stated. “Promescent provides an important solution to help couples close the orgasm gap.”

The study, entitled “Event-level Impact of Promescent on Quality of Sexual Experience in Men with Subjective Premature Ejaculation,” is available as an abstractfull text and PDF.

   Other key findings include:

  • 85.6% of participants indicated ejaculatory control to be extremely or very important
  • 81% of participants indicated that ejaculating sooner than desired is moderately or severely bothersome
  • 38.7% of men who did not use the product reported having an orgasm when their partner did not; that figure decreased to 21.0% when participants used Promescent
  • 72.1% of participants felt the use of the product positively impacted their sexual experience

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