50 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Here are the best sex toys money can buy in 2022.

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by The Promescent Team Last updated 01/05/2024
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It's said that those who play together stay together.

And for many couples, it just so happens to be true; enter sex toys.

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can help take things to a whole new level of fun and adventure to the bedroom.

It’s an exciting time in the world of couples' sex toys; never have there been so many options available

In this post, we'll take a closer look at 50 of the best sex toys for couples.

Pick a few that you like and give them a shot for yourself.

The 50 Best Sex Toys for Couples

1. WeVibe Cock Ring Vibrator

WeVibe cock ring vibrator available from Promescent

When many people think "sex toy," they think of something to stimulate her g spot or clitoris.

But that's not always the case.

Men can derive just as much pleasure from sex toys as women.

In the case of the We-Vibe Cock Ring Vibrator, they can also enhance their performance.

This cock ring is designed to fit snugly around the penis to promote longer-lasting and harder erections for men.

It also comes with a built-in clitoral stimulator with different vibration settings - so it's just as enjoyable for her.

2. We-Vibe Chorus

We Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

It's the perfect couples vibrator for next-level sex.

The We-Vibe Chorus is a dual-motor vibrator purpose-built for couples sex.

It comes with a dual stimulating app-enabled vibrator and remote control. It’s so much fun you might want to take it with you everywhere you go.

3. Baci

Baci clitoris sucker

The Baci Clitoral Sucker is purpose-built for her pleasure.

With 10 intensity settings, the device is specifically designed to mimic the human mouth and the stroking sensations of the tongue on the clitoris.

Depending on preference, it can either provide light or intense stimulation.

The proof is in the pudding on this one.

It was independently selected as a winner of the 2020 Consumer Technology Association's CES Innovation Award.

4. Hot Octopuss

Hot octopuss male mastubator available through Promescent

Vibrators aren't just for women. The Hot Octopuss is proof of that.

Dubbed a male masturbator, the penis fits inside the device.

The device comes with six different vibration settings to help stimulate its most sensitive areas.

It's even waterproof, so it can be easily taken into the shower.

The Hot Octopuss is designed for solo action or couples play, and is designed to mimic the feeling of a hand job.

5. Promescent Female Arousal Gel

arousal gel for clitoral stimulation

Is she looking to get a little bit more out of sex with you?

Promescent Female Arousal Gel could be the perfect solution.

Just apply it to her genitalia about 5 minutes before you get hot and heavy and take your sex life to a whole new level.

The gel is designed to enhance clitoral sensitivity, thereby resulting in more pleasure for her.

6. Magic Wand Rechargeable

 Magic wand rechargeable vibrating massager

The classic magic wand massager is designed to help her hit all the erogenous zones on her body.

It's a classic sex toy with four different speeds that makes stimulation fun and easy.

While it's best used in solo fashion, it can make for a perfect gift if you're managing a long distance relationship or if you just want to encourage your partner to be more comfortable with their sexual desires.

7. Poco Bendable G-Spot Vibrator

 The Poco by Mystervibe

Complete with a pair of motors and 16 intensity settings, the Poco is dubbed the most advanced g spot and c spot vibrator on the planet.

Ideal for both men and women, the sex toy is versatile, adjustable and extremely pleasurable.

You can enjoy this vibrator solo or your partner can control it via app as you work your way toward an orgasm.

8. VitaFLUX

vitaflux nitric oxide supplement 

Don't think of ڤَيتا فلَكس so much as a sex toy, but as a sexual wellness supplement.

VitaFLUX should be taken twice daily - and when it is, it can help improve erectile functioning and your sexual drive.

It'll almost be like a whole new you in the bedroom. Try it, she'll be glad you did!

9. Womanizer

Wevibe womanizer premium clitoral sucker 

The perfect sex toy for her to have on hand for solo action or to help get her in the mood, the Womanizer is a clitoral stimulating device that's designed to mimic oral sex.

With eight different settings and a design to accommodate the body style of any woman, it's a must-have vibrator that she can take with her anywhere.

10. We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

 Wevibe Tango bullet vibrator

It's simple and silent - yet mighty.

The Tango vibrator is more of a traditional sex toy, but sometimes traditional is good.

With eight different vibration settings, clitoral stimulation should come easy for her. And like all the toys on this list, she can use it solo or you can use it together.

It's estimated that only about 50 percent of all women achieve orgasm via vaginal intercourse alone. A vibrator such as this can help increase that likelihood.

11. We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator

 Nova 2 vibrator

Find the g spot or stimulate the clitoris with the Nova 2's dual-motor makeup and an ergonomic, comfortable grip.

Made of soft silicone, the device is gentle on the body. It's also app-enabled and rechargeable.


MYHIXEL male sex stamina trainer

Looking to last a little longer in bed before climaxing? The MYHIXEL Male Stamina Trainer could be perfect for you.

Just think of it as a sex toy that's designed to mimic the look and feel of an actual vagina.

Yes, it even includes built-in warming.

Remote control it via an integrated mobile app and practice a variety of exercises to help gain more stamina and pleasure her for longer.

It may be more of a toy that's used in a solo fashion, unless she like to watch, but you can bet she'll be thanking you for using it later.

14. Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air

 Arcwave Ion male stroker

For couples that enjoy watching their partner the Arcwave Ion might be just the toy for you.

Rather than vibration or massaging, the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air sex toy aims to provide sexual satisfaction via pulsating airwaves.

Featuring eight intensity settings, he can bring himself to climax in an entirely different - but satisfying - way.

15. Promescent Massage Oils

Promescent lavender massage oil

We've covered the couples massager in this post - but what about massage oils?

Promescent has a wide range of massage oils in stock and available through our various affiliate marketing programs.

They can make for a fun element of foreplay and help make a deep connection with your partner before things start heating up.

16. Promescent Lubes

Promescent Water Lube

Sometimes penetrative sex can be painful.

Proper lubrication can help - and applying it to each other can help set the mood. Promescent premium water-based lubricant is toy safe and paraben free.

17. Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Soft over-the-door sex swing

Love getting it on in a sex swing, but not thrilled about having to install one in your home?

The beautiful thing about this soft over-the-door sex swing is that you can pull it out and easily fit it over the door when you need it, then place it back into storage when you don't.

Swings can take your sex life to a whole new level if you're willing to give them a shot.

18. Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo

 Liberator ramp wedge combo

Just think of the Liberator wedge ramp combo as sex pillows to help you and your partner comfortably engage in a variety of sexual positions.

Have sex ergonomically so that your bodies aren't aching from your fun in the bedroom in the morning.

19. Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

Liberator talea spreader bar

Place this spreader bar under the hips, knees or neck to truly experience sexual posture like never before.

The Liberator Talea Spreader Bar is ideal for couples who want to improve their sex life, but do so in comfortable, yet unique positions.

Featuring a leather cover, the bar is comfortable and easy to clean.

20. Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator

 Fingo nubby finger vibrator

For those who don't need a dildo for foreplay, there's the Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator.

It's just what it sounds like - a small vibrator that attaches to your finger.

It's perfect for your hand to stimulate her or ideal for her to use on her own.

21. Tantric Tongue Realistic Oral Sex Vibrator Attachment

 Tantric tongue realistic vibrator attachment

Ideal for her, it's as close to receiving actual oral sex that she can get.

The Tantric Tongue Vibrator Attachment literally attaches to the vibrator and is designed to look and feel like an actual tongue doing the work in her pleasure zones.

Now she can enjoy stimulation of the clitoris or her g spot whenever she pleases.

22. First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

First time fetish nipple teasers 

For those who enjoy a little bit of nipple play in the bedroom, the First Time Fetish Nipple teasers are clamps designed to attach to each of them.

Whether you like a soft or firm grip, these clamps feature adjustable tension and can make for a fun toy whether you're solo or together with your partner.

23. Crescendo Bendable Smart Vibrator

Crescendo bendable smart vibrator

Perfect for both men and women, this adaptable vibrator can bend into a variety of shapes to help you and your partner hit each other's g spot and p spot.

With six different motor settings, the Crescendo Flexible Vibrator it can even be used on other areas of the body, like the neck and shoulders.

Perfect for a little foreplay or solo action, its unique shape-shifting ability can help send vibrations wherever it is you so please.

24. Dame Products Pom Flexible Vibrator

 Dame products pom

It's a vibrator small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

But don't mistake its size for lack of power.

The Pom flexible vibrator has five different motor settings and can be positioned very closely to her pleasure zones for more targeted and satisfying stimulation.

25. The Lelo Transformer

lelo transformer double ended vibrator

It's the vibrating dual dildo that's intended for couples to enjoy simultaneously.

This double-ended vibrator can provide endless hours of foreplay pleasure. While she's stimulating her g spot, he can stimulate his p spot - and at the same time.

It can also act as a cock ring of sorts.

Fitting to its name, the Lelo Transformer is versatile enough to create a whole new experience in the bedroom for you and your partner.

26. Eva II Vibrator

 Eva II couples vibrator

Designed to stimulate her clitoris as you're engaged in penetrative sex, the Eva II is a hands-free vibrator that is designed to stay out of the way while doing its thing so that you and your partner can enjoy sex, but deliver her that extra little bit of pleasure - regardless of the position you're doing it in.

It features a three-speed motor and is rechargeable.

27. Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Foreplay Dice

Lovehoney Oh! roll Play Foreplay Dice

Looking to spice up your foreplay?

Who isn't?

Foreplay is just flat out fun and the perfect appetizer for the main course.

Now couples can take their foreplay game to the next level by incorporating these fun dice into their sex lives.

From kissing to licking to sucking to stroking to massaging, a roll of the Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice will dictate what you do to your partner or what is done to you.

28. The Magic Flamingo

Magic motion flamingo vibrator

Like to live a bit more risky sex life?

The Magic Flamingo could be right for you and your partner.

This wearable vibrator is ergonomic and comfortable, and via a mobile app, it can be controlled at any time from anywhere.

So you could be out to dinner and teasing her unbeknownst to anyone else in the room.

And by the time you two get back home, you'll both be ready to go.

29. Tomboi Harness

 Tomboi Strap-On Harness

Into harness play?

The Tomboi Harness underwear are perfect for couples that enjoy strap-on sex, like pegging

Machine washable and made from a combination of nylon and spandex, it's easy to clean and convenient to use.

30. Club Vibe 3.OH Panty Vibe

OhMiBod club vibe 3.Oh 

Are you into teasing each other before having sex?

If so, then one sex toy to consider working into your collection is the Club Vibe3.OH Wireless Panty Vibrator.

Just have her stick it in her panties and you can remote control it from up to 20 feet.

It offers three different modes and is incredibly discreet, so you may even want to take it in public for your next date night.

31. Door Jam Cuffs

 Door jam handcuffs

It's simple, it's portable - it's an easy-to-use bondage device.

Just hang the Door Jam Cuffs over the top of your bedroom door and close it, then let the fun begin.

If you're just getting into bondage or want a new sex toy to spice things up, you can't go wrong with these adjustable wrist cuffs.

They're designed to fit any door.

32. Novice Butt Plug

Novice butt plug

Have you wanted to get into butt play with your partner but you're not sure where to start?

The b-Vibe Novice Butt Plug could be a good launch point. It's a small, anal vibrator that features 15 different vibrating patterns and various intensity levels.

Plus, it's remote controlled. It's ideal for both you and her.

33. Ohnut


Does sex have the potential to be painful for her at times because of how deep you penetrate?

If so, there's the Ohnut, a wearable that acts as a buffer for how deep the penis goes.

It's easy to customize to set comfortable depths so you both can enjoy the best sex possible.

34. Complete Le Wand Pleasure Set

Complete Le Wand pleasure set

Why just have one vibrator wand when you can have an entire set?

With the Le Wand Pleasure Set, you can have just that.

This wand comes with various attachments, 10 vibration speeds, a flexible head and plenty of recharge cycles so you and your partner can enjoy it over and over again for years to come - whether she wants to use it solo or you want to get her off with it.

35. Le Wand Point Vibrator

 Le wand point vibrator

Take masturbation hands-free with the Le Wand Point Vibrator.

Whether you want to lay on it and let it work its magic or if she wants to tuck it into her panties, this vibrator makes it seem as if someone else - and not yourself - is pleasuring you.

Whether you want to use it for solo masturbating or for some exciting couples play before sex, this toy has 15 different vibration levels and six intensity levels to select from.

36. Lovense Lush 3

Lovense lush 3

Dubbed "the world's most powerful remote vibrator," the Lovense Lush 3 is programmable so it can be optimized for your - or her - pleasure.

It's controlled via Bluetooth from a mobile app and it's perfect for solo action, foreplay or even discreet action in public.

Featuring a fixed tail design, it's designed to hug the body and provide more pleasure.

37. Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Whether you're self-conscious about the size of your penis or just want to make sure that you're sexually satisfying her, the Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3" penis extender could be right for you.

With a detailed penis head and ball loop to keep the penis sleeve in place, you can give her the size she yearns for.

38. Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Game

Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Game

You know how it is early on in the relationship.

The sex is amazing, the excitement level is off the charts and you just want to spend every waking moment with each other.

The infatuation period eventually subsides, and it can be a challenge to look for ways to spice things up and rekindle that initial flame.

The Monogamy A Hot Affair Game could be just the thing to rejuvenate your sex life.

It's designed to both help you learn more about each other and what you're thinking and set the mood for an intimate night of sex.

Over 1 million copies of the game have been sold.

39. Autoblow AI

Autoblow AI

Get the blowjob experience with an automated sex toy.

Whether your partner isn't in to oral sex or you just can't get enough of it, the Autoblow AI is designed to feel like a real mouth is on your penis.

It comes with 10 different speeds, features an "edge" pausing button and is more than enough to get the job done.

It conveniently plugs into a standard wall outlet.

40. The Wartenberg Wheel

The Wartenberg Wheel

Though the Wartenberg Wheel's roots are in the medical industry, this device has been increasingly used as a sex toy, especially for those who are into BDSM.

Or perhaps you're just into doctor and nurse role play?

Whatever your pleasure in the bedroom or whatever your fantasy, you might be interested in giving the Wheel a try.

41. Weekend In Bed Lovers Bondage Kit

Weekend In Bed Lovers Bondage Kit

Have plans to spend the entire weekend having sex, whether it's at your house, a hotel or somewhere else?

Are you both into bondage and role play?

Then make sure the Weekend in Bed Lovers Bondage Kit is on your list.

It contains everything you need to get in touch with your sexual wild side.

From a blindfold to a paddle to a tickler to card games to break the ice and get you going, it's the comprehensive assortment of toys you need to get down and dirty.

42. Sybian

The Sybian

Does it get you off watching her get off?

The Sybian woman's masturbation toy could be the perfect answer.

This sophisticated sex device is flexible and fun - and it can even be enjoyed together, either as foreplay or even during sex.

Able to both rotate and vibrate, it's the orgasmic toy that keeps on giving.

43. Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Bound To Surrender Cuffs

Adam Eve Scarlet Couture Bound To Surrender Cuffs

If you're into bondage, then the Scarlet Couture Bound To Surrender Cuffs are perfect for pinning down the hands or the ankles (or both if you're able to purchase two).

And they're flexible enough that you can fasten them to the bed, a shower rod, post or anything else to help experience each other and enjoy more satisfying sex.

Whether you like to role play or are just into bondage, these cuffs will do the trick.

44. Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

Adam Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

Into role playing with masters and mistresses?

Or just looking for enhanced stimulation in the bedroom?

Spice things up with the Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold. It's the perfect accessory for kinky fantasies, and is comfortable to boot.

After you're through having sex, whoever is wearing it might even opt to use it as a sleep mask, it's that comfortable.

The bottom line is that this blindfold is an affordable way to heighten you and your partner's senses as you get busy.

45. Ball Gag Silicone Black by HappyNHealthy

Ball Gag Silicone Black by HappyNHealthy

Some couples like to dabble in bondage.

Others like to go full throttle. If you and your partner are among the latter type of couple, then the Ball Gag Silicone Black by HappyNHealthy might be right for you.

It's breathable, adjustable and it won't hurt your teeth if you're getting down and dirty and need to take a chomp out of it.

46. Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug by yosposs

Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug by yosposs

There are standard anal beads - and then there are vibrating anal beads.

Take your butt play game to the next level with the 16-Mode Flexible Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug With Removable Bullet

vibrating beads - perfect for you, her or both of you.

47. Sassy Anal Beads

Sassy anal beads

Whether you're a butt play rookie or just looking for a new toy to facilitate it, the

Sassy Anal Beads offer up to 10.5 inches of insertable length - so you can go as shallow or as deep as you so choose.

Made of jelly-like rubber, they're easy to place and the loop cord at the end makes them easy to remove.

Take butt play to new levels of ecstasy.

48. Tenga Easy Beat Egg Male Masturbator

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Male Masturbator

Masturbation devices aren't just for her, but for him too.

Evidence of this is the Tenga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator, a single-use disposable sex toy designed to get him off.

Each egg offers a different experience.

49. Vesper Necklace

Vespar personal vibrator necklace

The Vesper from LoveCrave is a bold necklace vibrator that is perfect for private or public play.

This tiny powerful necklace vibrator not only makes a bold fashion statement, but also invites excitement.

Available in three styles you'll find it's the perfect accessory for a fun night out. 

50. Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip

Adam Eve Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip

If you're into bondage, you shouldn't be without a whip.

And the Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip can provide that sting to really get you both going.

It slips easily onto the wrist and is great for some hard foreplay - if you're both into that sort of thing.

Important takeaways

Clearly, you have tons of options when it comes to couples sex toys, and this isn't even the entire list, just the ones that we found the most noteworthy.

There are “do’s and don’ts” with most toys, so just make sure whatever you decide to get meets your needs and that you’re aware of any limitations or restrictions. 

For example, lubes, you cannot use silicone lube with silicone sex toys because it ruins the toy.

Now, we know it will be a lot of hard work having all that extra sex to find the perfect couples sex toy, but we're pretty sure you're up to the challenge.

    The Promescent Team

    The Promescent Team

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