Kivin Method: The Oral Technique You Should Learn Now

Lexi Sylver
Erotica author and sexpert guiding you to shamelessly explore your sexuality
by Lexi Sylver Last updated 12/01/2023
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Giving your female sex partner mind-blowing oral sex doesn’t have to be complicated!

Pleasing her with your mouth is a coveted talent that can dramatically improve your sex life — and yes, YOU CAN learn these skills!

Kivin is a special method of cunnilingus that promises to bring on an orgasm in record time.

While every woman is different when it comes to achieving an orgasm during sexual pleasure, it’s crucial to make sure your basic oral sex skills are as exceptional and thrilling for her as they should be.

Once you’ve nailed the basics, you’ll have a solid foundation you can build on as you explore new oral sex techniques and moves.

When it comes to any kind of sex, novelty is extremely exciting.

Making her orgasm with new oral sex moves is no exception… and will also help you attain that legendary sex god -- or goddess -- status.

The Kivin Method is easy to learn and can enhance your oral sex technique to give her the pleasure and excitement she deserves.

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Quick FAQs

Typically people report being able to bring their partner to orgasm in about 5-10 minutes using the Kivin method. However some have reported achieving orgasm in as little as 2-3 minutes.

No, the Kivin method is basically just sideways oral stimulation of the vagina. This is definitely a technique worth taking the time to learn, trust us!

That is okay. This could be due to several factors but like with anything practice makes perfect. So, if your partner was receptive and enjoying it, but just didn't quite climax, you may just need a little more practice.

Take your sexual game to new heights by using the Kivin oral sex method to shake up your regular routine and leave both of you smiling with satisfaction.

So What Exactly Is the Kivin Method?

Who is this Kivin person, and how did they become so skilled at oral sex?

The truth is, no one really knows exactly where this method of pleasure comes from.

The Kivin method was mentioned in an issue of the Atlantic back in 2003 in an article about “Sex Week at Yale”, an academic week at Yale geared towards exploring theories about sex.

You can also find it cited on different sex themed websites, podcast discussions, various blogs, and even in some books on sexual health and wellness.

The term itself has some origin on the Reddit boards almost fifteen years ago, where a large forum of people discussed it in great lengths.

Thousands of people personally vouched for how successful this method of oral sex is at producing a mind-numbing, leg-shaking climax.

But knowing the true roots of the Kivin Method is still a mystery.

Some people call it an oral sex trick, sideways oral, and others refer to the technique as being a game-changer to learn.

Kivin method can give her an orgasm in 5 to 10 minutes

The good news is that the method is supposed to give a woman an orgasm within 5-10 minutes. Some claim it works in as little as 2-3 minutes. Wow!

Of course, since all women are different, and female orgasms don’t necessarily just rely on physical stimulation, your success rate using the Kivin Method can vary, depending on your partner, the scenario, and so many other factors.

The only way you’ll know if it works is to try it!

How To Do The Kivin Method

1. Get the Position Right

Illustration showing the Kivin method being performed on a woman

Her comfort is key when it comes to any kind of sexual position, so don’t be shy and make sure she has all the pillows and cushioning she needs.

Once she’s settled in, she can focus only on the sensations you’re delivering, which increases your chances of making her climax.

If you don’t like having her leg resting on your back because that isn’t comfortable for you or is restricting your movement, just ask her to gently hold her knee or leg up against her chest.

When she’s aroused, you should be able to feel or see:

  • her clitoris swell up a bit and poke out from under her clitoral hood
  • two small bumps on either side of the clitoral hood that are about the size of a small grain of rice. These are called “K points
  • nipples get erect

If it’s difficult for you to access her clitoris, it could take a bit of extra gentle coaxing to get her aroused enough for your tongue and mouth to be most effective during the Kivin Method.

Pay attention to her body language, like:

  • raising her hips towards your mouth
  • running her hand on the back of your head
  • the noises she may make during your oral sex session

These are all good indicators to see whether or not she is enjoying herself.

2. Work Your Tongue

The movement of your tongue is vital to the success of the Kivin Method.

Start by licking horizontally, instead of up and down.

Use the full surface area of your tongue, not just the tip, to cover more of her sensitive spots at the same time don’t be shy to use your lips to gently suck and kiss her labia and clit, too.

Use some variations with how you’re licking her to experiment with what feels best for her.

Start slowly, but gradually increase your pressure, speed, and rhythm to build tension and heighten her arousal.

Once you discover what she enjoys the most, stick with it, and continue on that rhythm to maximize her pleasure and lick your way to giving her a satisfying climax.

36 percent of women say the need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm

A study from the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that in the women they surveyed, 36 percent of them needed clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

So, stimulating her clitoris with your mouth, fingers, or by using her favorite sex toys will only increase the chance of making her orgasm, more so than simply penetration alone.

Pro Tips

1. Have her lay comfortably on her back

Instead of putting your head vertically between her legs, position yourself beside her.

The reason this is a better angle is because your mouth will have better access to her clitoris and her labia (the inner and outer lips of her vulva, which are the outer parts of her vagina).

Plus, since this angle is different from the one you might usually take to pleasure her orally, she’ll experience new sensations and heighten her arousal.

Hint: Take a peek at this helpful diagram of the vulva to get a better idea of the different parts and what each does.

2. Use Your Fingers Too

Your hands can also be free to use your fingers or a sex toy to explore her vagina, her sensitive perineum area, and even her anus, if that’s something she enjoys.

To get easier access to her vulva, ask your partner if she’s comfortable lifting one of her legs up to her chest and laying it over your shoulder or back.

It’s easier than it sounds when you try it in person with your partner!

When it comes to positioning, you may also want to try coming in from either the left or right side.

Most women have different sensitivities on either side of their vulva. One way may feel a whole lot better than the other, or it may feel fantastic either way.

Ask her which side feels best for her, or experiment with both sides to discover what works for her.

3. Use Toys

Person holding sex toys for kivin method

Another way that you can enhance the Kivin experience is to bring some sex toys into play.

You don’t have to go big or go home; A small bullet vibrator or fingertip vibrator could add extra stimulation to her clit and labia while your mouth is focused on a different area of her vulva or anus.

If she enjoys penetration while you’re pleasing her orally, lube up a dildo or vibrator and slide that into her while you’re pleasuring her clitoris and lips with your tongue and mouth.

Pro Tip: If you find that you need to use a high-quality lube with your sex toys, try one of our Promescent personal lubricants.

Choose the right lube that works best for you and her body:

Try all five of these premium products to discover which works best for both of you to make the experience even more pleasurable for both of you.

Is the Kivin Method Worth Trying?

Absolutely! You have nothing to lose and only pleasure and learning to gain.

Exploring her body is fun and helps you both find new ways to stimulate her, which can also increase the intimacy between you.

You don’t need any extra toys or equipment to try the Kivin method... just bring your mouth!

There’s no need to go out and buy a sex swing to spice up your sex life (but feel free to get yourself one, if you’re so enticed..)

If you can make your partner feel extra pleasure and maximize her orgasmic potential in a new way, and maybe even in a shorter amount of time than your usual oral sex technique might take, then the Kivin Method is definitely worth a shot.

Don’t forget that everybody is different. The only way to know if your partner will enjoy the Kivin Method is to try it.

If it doesn’t result in her having an orgasm, at least you spent time together to try something new that was focused on her pleasure and connecting with her intimately.

And if it DOES work, well, then you now have another skill to add to your oral sex toolbox.

What to Expect with the Kivin Method

While you may be trying out the Kivin Method on her to get her to orgasm, make sure NOT to put any pressure on her to climax.

If she feels pressured, she might be too focused on your goal and making you feel accomplished, instead of just relaxing and enjoying the pleasure of having you give her a luxurious oral sex session.

Your best bet is just to have her relax, and make the oral sex session all about her pleasure.

Experimenting sexually can be a LOT of fun for everyone involved when there’s no pressure for either of you to perform.

Just go with the flow, try out some new moves on her, and enjoy the moment. If an orgasm happens, then that’s fantastic!

But if it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed.

Practice makes perfect, and in the process, connecting with each other and learning more about her body and her desires is what’s most important… all of which can maximize both of your pleasure the next time you play together.


Are you ready to try the Kivin Method with your partner?

Hopefully, this oral sex technique is as revolutionary and orgasmic as some people claim it is.

Either way, it’s a perfect solution to try something new and can produce some seriously sexy results.

    Lexi Sylver

    Lexi Sylver

    Lexi Sylver is the Montreal-based erotica author of "Mating Season" and "All the Queen’s Men". She is also the producer and host of "Cocktails and Erotic Tales" as well as her "Swinging 101" webinar series. As an entrepreneur, advocate, educator, podcaster, public speaker and coach for ethical non-monogamy and sexual empowerment, she regularly contributes articles about sexuality and relationships to ASN Lifestyle Magazine, and her personal blog, among other places. Her mission is to promote empowerment and education by guiding you to shamelessly explore your sexuality. Get Lexual at


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