A Crash Course in Penis Sleeves, Their Benefits, and Finding the Best One

You're ready to get a penis sleeve. But, with so many options what kind do you get? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Zachary Zane
Columnist, sex expert, and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, lifestyle, culture, and the LGBTQ community
by Zachary Zane Last updated 07/31/2023
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If you’ve ever struggled with erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), or you’ve wanted to increase the size of your package (haven’t we all at some point?), you’ve likely heard of penis sleeves.

But what exactly are penis sleeves? How do they work? And more importantly, do they actually work, or are they just another fake remedy claiming to increase your penis size and give you harder erections?

Let’s go ahead and break down everything there is to know about penis sleeves to figure out if they’re something you should consider trying.

Quick FAQs

Yes, in fact, they make certain penis sleeves specifically for people with ED

All of the above! They have ones that extend only girth, only length, or both length and girth.

While no one can speak for all women, the short answer is probably, YES! Just make sure to discuss it with her first.

Each sleeve is designed differently, so make sure to get the correct size and fit, so it does not slip off. However, they do make sleeves that have loops that go around the genitalia, so if you are that worried about it, you can try one of those.

What are penis sleeves?

In the most basic of terms, a penis sleeve is a sleeve that slips over the penis to offer some sexual benefit or pleasure.

The sleeve may be designed to enhance penis girth or length, lower sensitivity, offer textured stimulation to a partner, or even help with erectile dysfunction.

Pro Tip: You can use Promescent Water Lube to help facilitate penetration with your newly enhanced size. Our water-based lube is toy and condom safe.

Defining what a penis sleeve is

Penis sleeves are known by a number of names, including:

  • Penis extender
  • Cock sleeve
  • Dick sleeve
  • Male penis sleeve
  • Dick extension
  • Cock sheath

Technically speaking, there is a difference between what constitutes a penis sleeve, sheath, and extender:

  • A Penis Sleeve covers the shaft of the penis but not the head.
  • A Penis Sheath covers the full penis, from shaft to head, but doesn't necessarily add length, though it may offer enhanced penis girth.
  • A Penis Extender covers the entire penis but offers added material to enhance the length and possibly the girth.

With the differences in terminology out of the way, you should also know that these names get used interchangeably often.

Even those selling penis-covering devices call them by an incorrect name.

For the sake of uniformity, we'll refer to all devices as sleeves here, but we’ll let you know when we're referring to a sleeve with a specific function or purpose.

Note: Make sure you examine the images with each product carefully to make sure you get the type of sleeve you need or want to try.

What are the benefits of using a penis sleeve?

Couple in bed happy about getting a penis sleeve

Penis sleeves may help you last longer

If you deal with premature ejaculation (two minutes or less) or simply want to last longer than the average man (5.4 minutes, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine ), penis sleeves may be something to consider.

Many sleeves are made like thick condoms, and thick condoms are sometimes used specifically to slow down ejaculation.

Does it actually work?

Certain penis sleeves may indeed help with premature ejaculation.

Because these sleeves cover the most sensitive parts of your penis, you may not be stimulated to a climax quite so quickly.

Note: If shopping for a penis sleeve for sex to deter early ejaculation, beware of models that offer "added internal stimulation." These sleeves usually have raised, or textured interiors meant to stimulate your penis and encourage ejaculation, which may speed things up instead of helping you slow down. Likewise, some sleeves are outfitted with built-in vibrators, which may also increase your likelihood of ejaculating prematurely.

Penis sleeves can help men with erectile dysfunction

Many of the typical treatments for men with ED have risks and limitations, whereas others are cost-prohibitive.

The usual treatments for ED include:

  • Oral medications that force an erection
  • Injectable medications that force an erection
  • Implanted devices that create an erection

Vacuum pumps, often called penis pumps, may also be recommended.

Penis sleeves or sheaths may be a viable alternative to the typical treatments for ED, and some medical reviews have suggested these aids to enhance or help maintain an erection.

Penis sleeves help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Does it actually work?

The primary reasons penis sleeves may work for ED include:

  1. The appearance of the sleeve and your partner enjoying the sleeve can sometimes be psychologically arousing enough to help maintain an erection.
  2. Because the penis sleeve never loses rigidity, you can continue having sex without worrying that you will somehow offend your partner when rigidity is lost. The lacking pressure and anxiety, which can interfere with an erection, can sometimes be beneficial.
  3. Penis sleeves can trap the blood in the penis to help maintain erections.
  4. Cock sleeves may help with ED by offering added stimulation, as noted above. Some men may need that added stimulation during sex to help them maintain their erection.

While research into how effective a cock sleeve can treat ED is limited, research published in 2017 suggests that a man with ED may even experience ejaculation.

Note: While only anecdotal evidence from prior users is available, some legitimate cock sleeves that leave the head protruding may help maintain an erection by helping blood flow stay put. Cock rings, which wrap around the base of the penis only, are sometimes used for the same function.

They can extend penis length and girth

Four penis shaped fruits being measured next to each other

Lacking confidence in the size or shape of the penis can be a real issue for some men, even though these worries are usually unwarranted.

For reference, the average penis size, found by literally measuring thousands of penises, is only 3.6 inches soft and 5.2 inches hard.

If you have less than average, an extender may be a good option if you're concerned about pleasing your partner. (But you should also focus less on P-in-V penetration! Try using sex toys and performing oral sex on your partner!)

Even if you have more than average penis size, an extender may still be fun to introduce into the bedroom.

Some guys just have curiosities about what it would be like to give their partner more or what positions they could achieve with a few more inches or a little more girth.

Does it actually work?

If you're looking to add length or girth, extensions can definitely give you that.

You can find a dick extension to give you pretty much any (within reason and even a little beyond reason) extra length you want.

You can get a penis extender that simply gives you a few added inches or a slightly bigger and more bulbous head.

Or, you can go all out and practically double your size in both length and girth, if that's what you desire and your partner's all good with that.

Note: Picking a giant extender may seem like a good idea, but keep in mind that the more girth you add, the less you will feel because the thicker the sleeve will be. Further, the longer extensions can be harder to maneuver during sex.

Do women like penis sleeves?

Attractive woman laying on bed that likes penis sleeves

Most women will be totally open to the idea of trying out your penis all decked out in a sleeve.

Really, there's not a lot not to enjoy.

She can enjoy a more confident you, a longer-lasting sexual experience, and maybe even a few added, stimulating perks not possible with your naked rod.

Another reason most women like penis sleeves is the material the sleeves are made out of has gotten so advanced that the parts of the sleeve can look and feel very much like real skin.

But never surprise a partner with a penis sleeve.

Honestly, that’s unethical to bring sex toys or penis enhancers into the bedroom without her consent.

Besides, eventually, the sleeve will have to come off—wearing a sleeve at all times, just in case a situation arises, would be uncomfortable and definitely unhealthy.

And, her realizing you're trying to be something you're not in that department can be a major turn-off.

And consider how you will feel if the thing slips off during sex, which could totally freak her out if she has no idea what is going on.

Talk with your partner and pick a penis sleeve together

Note: If you're curious if a cock sleeve could do you some good, for whatever reason, discuss your idea with your partner. Even better, allow her to help you measure for the right one and pick out features she likes. You may be surprised how receptive she is to the idea and how much excitement the process can bring to your sex life.

How do you put on a penis sleeve?

Penis sleeves go in place relatively easily with a few general pointers to keep in mind.

One, most men find it easier to slip into a cock sleeve or penis extender with the use of a bit of lube.

Two, you do have to make sure to pick a sleeve that is the right size for your penis.

The best-fitting cock sheath will fit similarly to a condom:

  • Fit snug but not tight
  • Not slip out of place easily
  • Feel comfortable

Most penis extenders and cock sheaths will give clear measurements of the length and interior/exterior girth and diameter to help you find the right size.

Eggplant wrapped in cloth tape measure

Use a flexible measuring tape to get the measurements of your own penis girth and length when erect and compare them to the size of the sleeve.

Note: Remember, you don't want the sleeve to be too tight, but it should be taught. And you definitely don't want the sleeve too large because it will be difficult to use with your partner.

Take a look at the general steps of getting your chosen sleeve in place and ready to use.

Step by step instructions on how to properly put on a penis sleeve

Step 1

Start by lubricating the sleeve and your penis with a few drops of water-based lubricant.

Step 2

If possible, achieve at least a partial erection, and then slip the sleeve onto your penis. Pull the sleeve down until the bottom of the sleeve rests against the base of your penis.

Note: If you struggle with maintaining an erection, look for a penis sleeve that has a ball loop that slips around your testicles to hold the sleeve in place. Some sleeves also come equipped with waist and thigh straps to keep the device stable with or without an erection.

Step 3

Adjust the sleeve to feel comfortable and stay in place when you stroke it firmly.

Note: If you're new to using a penis sleeve, using the unit successfully or in a way that pleases both you and your partner can take a few trial runs. The more you use the sleeve, the more comfortable you will become with how it moves with your body.

Man looking online for a penis sleeve to buy

With so many choices available to you regarding penis sleeves, how do you know which one is best?

And while you’ll ultimately have to decide which one works best for you, we can guide you on some things to look out for on your journey.

To pick the absolute best for you, be sure to check out:

  • The features of the sleeve, such as material type, functions, and extra integrations
  • Real reviews from other men who have tried the sleeve
  • How effective a sleeve is for any certain need you are trying to fulfill
  • The cost of the sleeves typically falls within the $10 to $150 range, but some of the ED-specific models can be hundreds of dollars.

Just to give you a little insight into what could work best, we've pulled together an example from each type of sleeve you can buy: For ED, for extension, and for general use or PE.

#1 For ED - The RX Sleeve

The RX Sleeve is one of the most realistic sleeves that is specifically designed for ED, which can't always be stated for some models.

The sleeve itself is made out of body-safe silicone, which makes it comfortable to wear and just flexible enough to mimic a real erection.

Other Perks:

  • It offers an adjustable harness
  • Available in different skin tones and rigidity levels
  • Fully customizable by the manufacturer
  • Works for people with or without ED

#2 For Extension - CalExotics Silicone 2 Penis Extender

If you want to add just a few inches of length, the CalExotics Silicone 2 Penis Extender is a good option because it offers the added length without a lot of the added girth. Most extenders do offer both to some extent.

Other Perks:

  • Has scrotum ring for stability
  • Leaves the base of your shaft somewhat open
  • Has a section of ridges built-in for added pleasure for your partner
  • Offers a curved tip for G-spot stimulation

#3 For General Use or PE - Holster Silicone PPA Extender

If you are looking for delayed ejaculation, you definitely don't need added stimulation features inside the sleeve.

The Holster Silicone PPA Extender gives you a nice, smooth, unaltered interior with no major frills to cause more thrills than you need.

Other Perks:

  • Offers a bit of added girth and length
  • Has a ball loop for stability
  • Can be worn with or without an erection
  • Available in different skin tones


Couple on couch happy they got a penis sleeve

Penis sleeves are an awesome way to enhance your sex life, whether you are looking for delayed ejaculation, erection support, added size, or just a little fun.

All penis sleeves can have their own intended purpose, and some offer a multipurpose design for multiple sexual enhancements.

The product collection of penis extenders and sleeves is diverse for sure.

So you could easily track down something that will benefit your sex life with a discerning eye, good measuring beforehand, and a little trial and error to get comfortable with a new device.

No matter what you call them or how you plan to use them, penis sleeves are worthy of attention if you're all about enhancing sex.

So, check out what's out there, don't be afraid to discuss your ideas with your partner, and pick up a sleeve or two to try. We think you’ll both be glad you did.

    Zachary Zane

    Zachary Zane

    Zachary Zane is a Brooklyn-based columnist, sex expert, and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, lifestyle, culture, and the LGBTQ community. He currently has a sex advice column at Men's Health titled "Sexplain It" and a relationship column at Queer Majority titled "Zach and the City." His work has been published in Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, GQ, Playboy, Slate, NBC, Cosmo, and many others. He also has a weekly newsletter, BOYSLUT, where he writes erotic essays detailing his wildest and raunchiest personal sex stories.


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