Exploring The Benefits Of A Yoni Massage

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon
Sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage
by Erica Suarez-Hillingdon Last updated 10/19/2023
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Yoni Massage

Whether you’re new to yoni massage or have experience in massaging the vagina, you may be interested to know that there are many wonderful benefits for both the body and mind.

In this guide, we’re revealing the very best benefits of yoni massage, as well as answering the question: what is a yoni massage?

We’ll also show you how to get started with a vaginal massage and some expert yoni massage techniques to get optimal benefits from the practice.

Quick FAQs

Short answer, no. What's important are the massage techniques themselves. However, there are positions that are better suited for it. Like, Hand-On-Heart if trying to give yourself a yoni massage, or Lotus if your partner is trying to give you one.

While this is not the primary purpose of a yoni massage for most women it is a happy side effect.

While there is no scientific data to back this up many women have reported that it has helped to decrease the pain experienced from the menstrual cycle

Yoni massage is a great way to help improve your sex life! By stimulating your vagina you will learn what feels good to you and can then share that with your partner.

What is a yoni massage?

What is a yoni massage? It is a vaginal massage technique

Yoni massage is an ancient sexual practice involving the stimulating of the vagina.

Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina which essentially means a sacred portal. The history of this practice is closely related to that of tantra and tantric massage.

While this erotic massage releases sexual energy, reaching orgasm is not necessarily the main goal, although many women experience it.

What are the benefits of yoni massage therapy?

Yoni massage boasts many sensational benefits for women’s health.

Take a look at the positive aspects yoni massage therapy delivers to participants who experience thrilling stimulation in the pelvic area.

The many benefits of yoni massage

1. It aids your mental health

Yoni is great for helping your mental health, especially anxiety and depression.

That’s because you get to make time to connect with yourself on a deeper level, exploring the possibilities of pleasure.

2. It promotes healing

A yoni massage can help people with sexual trauma heal.

Those suffering with negative emotions towards sex may have related feelings linked to both male and female genitalia.

By experiencing intimacy in the vagina, those emotions can be released, helping the brain to associate the female genitals with good, pleasurable connotations instead.

3. It improves your sex life

Exploring yoni massage is highly beneficial for boosting or spicing up your sex life.

By stimulating the vagina, you’ll begin to learn what feels good and turns you on.

Whether you’re experimenting alone or with a partner, you’ll add excitement to your sexual experiences and begin to enjoy spending more time in the bedroom.

4. Have better orgasms

While reaching orgasm isn’t the overall goal of yoni massage, the practice can help you to have better, more intense orgasms with regular exploration.

This may happen because you’re getting to learn about your body in more depth, experiencing a different type of pleasure, or simply because you’re beginning to understand where you like to be touched.

5. Helps painful menstrual cycles

Many women report one of the best benefits of yoni massage as aiding painful menstruation.

Stimulating your vagina may help to soothe the pain as it encourages blood flow in the genital area.

6. Improves body confidence

If you’re struggling with self-esteem issues, intimacy or a fear of being naked with a partner, experimenting with yoni massage may help.

Not only does yoni massage boost confidence for many women, but it also improves their sex drive so they start to enjoy having sex with their partner.

7. Helps painful sex

If you find sex painful, practicing vaginal massage can help.

Stimulating the vagina awakens this area while using the breathing exercises associated with this act assists in helping to relax the muscles so that you feel more relaxed when having sex.

8. Reach a higher sense of self

Yoni is similar to tantra in that it helps you to connect with yourself.

The techniques used in this vaginal massage unblock channels so that you reach a higher sense of self within your full body and mind.

What you’ll need to get started?

Happy couple because they discovered yoni massage

So, what equipment do you need to get started with yoni massage at home? Here are some essentials you’ll need:

  • A comfortable environment – cushions, pillows, and sheets can help
  • A good massage oil – you can also use coconut oil
  • Scented candles or diffusers to add a soft, romantic ambiance
  • Music to provide a calming environment
  • Clean hands or latex gloves if you have long fingernails

How to give a yoni massage

From setting the scene to giving a yoni massage, follow these top yoni massage techniques to experience mind-blowing stimulation that you’ll enjoy again and again.

Step 1. Body preparation

Woman showering prior to a yoni massage

Being clean is essential before you start your message so try taking a warm shower. You can do this with your partner or by yourself.

This will also help to get you in a relaxing mood. Make sure your body is well moisturized and your nails are trimmed. If you have long nails, you can wear latex gloves.

Step 2. Focus on your breathing

It is an essential part of yoni massage to focus on your breathing

Get in a comfortable environment and sit down. Breathing is a central part of yoni massage as it will help you to get the most benefits out of this practice.

You’ll feel both spiritual and physical benefits by doing this.

  1. Sit upright and take a deep exhale
  2. Close your mouth and breathe in through the nose
  3. Hold your breath for six to seven seconds
  4. Breathe out through the mouth for eight seconds

Note: Repeat this exercise 3 more times.

Step 3. Start by touching the breasts

Start with gentle touches to the upper body and breasts.

This will get you prepared for what’s to come and gradually build up arousal. Head down to the stomach area. You can start to use massage oil here and using gentle strokes, work it over the top of the body.

Gently touch the breasts, including the nipples. Use short touches and keep it varied.

Step 4. Cup the vagina

Place your hand in a cup and hold it over your genitalia. Move your full hand in a circular, sweeping motion before slowly flattening your hand to touch the entrance to the vagina.

Massage the area with your palm – take your time at first and focus on the sensations. How does this feel? Is it warm?

Contemplating sensations keeps you present in the moment so you can fully experience the maximum benefits of yoni massage therapy.

Step 5. Circle the yoni

Yoni massage being demonstrated on a grapefruit half

Begin touching the vaginal area by massaging around the clitoris in small, circular movements. Some women are more sensitive than others here so use gentle touches to start with.

Gradually work outwards, making larger circular movements before coming back inwards with smaller circles.

Note: Use mindful movements so you stay in the moment. If you’re with a partner, get them to touch you as you complete the breathing exercises mentioned in this guide.

Step 6. If you’re with a partner, turn over

Attractive woman laying on stomach for yoni massage

If you’re enjoying a yoni massage with a partner, turn over onto your front so they can start to concentrate on your back.

This helps the movement of sexual energy, as well as helping the delay of a sexual explosion so you can enjoy a more intense orgasm if that were to occur.

Your partner should use a little more oil to start stimulating the lower back and buttocks.

If you are participating in a solo massage, you can simply work on these areas yourself without turning over. Alternatively, move onto the next technique.

Techniques to Try When Giving a Yoni Massage

Yoni massage techniques

1. The two-hander

Place one hand on your clitoris and the other on the lips of the vagina. Use repetitive motions to stimulate them in synchronicity.

If you enjoy penetration, you can place the fingers inside the vagina instead. You can also look for the g-spot and massage it for added pleasure.

Note: be gentle when touching the skin around the vagina as this is a sensitive area for many women.

2. Massage around the inner and outer lips

On the majority of women, the labia is hidden by pelvis skin.

These lips mark the vaginal entrance and are often overlooked when it comes to female pleasure.

When taking part in a yoni massage, try gently rubbing your fingers around the shape of the labia. Take your time around this part of the vagina.

This is a good technique if you don’t want to concentrate on penetration. If this is the case, ensure you don’t rub your fingers too deep inside the vagina and try concentrating on the outside contours.

3. Massage the hood

Use gentle movements on the hood of the clitoris. You can push and pull the hood backward and forward to increase stimulation.

Avoid putting too much pressure on it with your finger. Just start with slow movements back and forth, gradually increasing your speed. As you do this, you can massage the clitoris with your alternate hand.

The clitoris may be unprepared for touching so use extremely soft and gentle strokes and touches, especially when the hood is placed back.

4. Rolling and tugging

Try tugging or rolling the clitoris to feel more pleasure. If you’re extra sensitive around this part of the vagina, using different movements can help to intensify gratification.

First, hold the clitoris between your thumb and index finger.

Give it a gentle tug in the direction that’s away from your body and release it. Repeat and release it several times.

You can also roll the clitoris between your thumb and finger in a soft, slow manner to give you pleasure.

5. Massaging the G-spot

The G-spot is considered a sacred spot in tantra practice. If you know where your G-spot is, try this technique for a boost of euphoria.

Curve your first two fingers and gently slide them into the vagina. You can use lube or oil if it helps. Then, massage inside the vagina, behind where the clitoris is located.

This section feels soft, like a sponge. Once you’ve located it, curl your fingers slightly and use gentle strokes. Vary between fast and slow pace.

6. Take it to the edge

Massaging yourself to the edge of orgasm and back is a great way to have a deeper, intense explosion of delight at the end of your practice.

All you need to do to achieve this is to stop yourself or start slowing down when you feel yourself heading towards climax.

Alternatively, you can try a short cool-down in-between your massage. During this period, remember to take long, deep breaths.

Next, continue to massage to the point of orgasm again and stop before you cum.

The more you (or your partner) take you to the edge and back, the more intense your orgasm will be when you finish.

Woman holding a flower in front of her yoni

Positions to try

1. Hand on Heart

If you're practicing a solo yoni massage, try sitting in a hand-on-heart position.

This position helps you to get optimal benefits out of your techniques. Plus, positioning can help you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Simply sit on the floor with your legs crossed.

Next, place your right hand over your heart. Close your eyes and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Take deep breaths while focusing on your hand and heart. You can then begin to massage yourself.

2. Lotus

This is an effective position for both solo yoni massage and if you’re attempting yoni with a partner.

For a solo yoni massage, sit down with your legs crossed and your back straight. Place your hands (with your palms facing downwards) on your knees. Take slow breaths, breathing in and out from your stomach.

If you’re with a partner, ask them to sit down with their legs crossed. Sit on top of them so that you’re facing each other.

With your bum resting on their upper thighs, wrap your legs around their waist, crossing your legs behind their back.

Look into each other's eyes and start to breathe in time with each other. Once you’ve taken a few breaths, you can begin your massage.


Woman demonstrating yoni massage technique on frozen orange half

Time to start enjoying the amazing benefits of yoni massage therapy today!

Now you know the many incredible yoni massage benefits, you can start implementing our top techniques to get the very best out of the experience.

Remember to take your time and try to relax as much as possible before you start. Take a shower and make your space as comfortable as possible.

Try to clear your mind and not have any expectations. The more you experiment with yoni massage, the more you’ll discover the wonderful benefits that will aid your health and lifestyle.

    Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

    Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

    Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency and writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.


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