Be Better in Bed

Everything you need to know about sexual health and wellness.

Man with increased stamina playing with woman in bed

How To Increase Sexual Stamina - 32 Tips

You will find that at least a few of these tips can help you to increase your sexual stamina when it comes to making love.

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The refractory period for men

The Refractory Period

Post-orgasm, both male and female bodies go through a recovery phase to restore normality after their stages of arousal. For men, it’s a period of time where you can’t get an erection and your body has no physical response to sexual stimulus.

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Talking About Sex With Your Partner

Talking About Sex With Your Partner

Learn how to get what you want when it comes to sex. Talking about fantasies and sexual dysfunctions can be hard, but it does not have to be.

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Man eating good diet to fix premature ejaculation

Can Your Diet Fix Premature Ejaculation?

Food has a role in all things related to your health, and premature ejaculation is no exception. Learn how much diet impacts your sexual performance.

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A operating room used for premature ejaculation surgeries.

Can Premature Ejaculation be Cured by Surgery?

Is surgery the answer for PE? Learn about the existing procedures claiming to treat premature ejaculation, and the pros and cons of each.

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Group of young adults hanging out enjoying alcoholic drinks

Does Drinking Alcohol Help You Last Longer?

Learn how to find a perfect balance between alcohol use and better sex - as well as some pros and cons you may not have heard of - and how it affects PE.

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Man's feet hanging over a rock ledge above a river

Edging Technique for Premature Ejaculation: 5 Simple Steps

It’s important to be in tune with your body and to learn the sensations you experience just before climax. Learn how to master the edging method.

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Kegel exercises for men, learn how tightening your pelvic floor muscles can help you last longer in bed

Kegel Exercises For Men to Last Longer: Top 4 Sexual Benefits

With so many benefits and few drawbacks for most people, Kegel exercises can be a great addition to almost any man’s sexual health routine.

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How long women want sex to last

How Long Should Sex Last? What She Ultimately Wants

Where going to take a look at Women and sex and more specifically, how long they want sex to last. Find out if you have been lasting long enough and discover new ways to last longer in bed so you can give her what she really wants. 

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man and woman about to have sex

Health Benefits of Sex: For Men, For Women, For Both

Sex is certainly healthy and it's an important part of maintaining romantic relationships, but are there actual health benefits?

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Promescent premature ejaculation spray on a wooden tray on table

Premature Ejaculation Spray 101: Types, Efficacy and More

If you're ready to take your sex game to the next level then try Promescent premature ejaculation spray. The #1 doctor recommended PE spray for clinically proven results.

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How to masturbate for men ultimate guide

How To Masturbate Your Penis: 15 Masturbation Tips you NEED to know

Don’t view masturbating as a sin or somehow not being faithful to your partner. There is nothing wrong with a taking matters into your own hands and enjoying a good solo sex session. We’re pretty certain she self-indulges too.

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Types of vasectomy procedure

Vasectomy: Everything You Need to know Before Getting One

Learn about the potential risks, how it affects sexual performance, recovery and reversal procedures when it comes to getting a vasectomy. 

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Couple exploring new sex positions to last longer

20 Best Sex Positions Based on Science for More Stimulation

Learn how these 12 sex positions can not only be more satisfying but help you last longer as well.

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How and where to find casual sex partners

Casual Sex: Tips, Rules and FAQ (Ultimate Guide)

Casual sex can be fun and invigorating if both parties fully consent, however, there are still rules to play by.

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