Premium Manual Stroker

  • checkmarkSuction Control for a natural suction sensation
  • checkmarkCleanTech Silicone that’s smooth to the skin
  • checkmarkQuick Clean Helix
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Polvo Arcwave

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Polvo Arcwave
Polvo Arcwave
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Intense Release

Arcwave Pow is made from strong durable silicone

Durable Silicone

The CleanTech Silicone has a superior finish that makes it durable for continual use.

Arcwave Pow suction control release valve

Air Pressure Release Valve

Experience intense suction from the air pressure release valve for a new climax.

Arcwave has a smart inner structure to enhance pleasure and is easier to clean

Smart Inner Structure

The smart structure in the inner sleeve of the Pow optimizes pleasure, cleaning, and drying speed.

High Quality Sex Toy

This premium manual stroker gives the user complete control of their pleasure. With customizable suction intensity and smooth silicone that creates a natural feeling, Pow provides an intense new climax.

CleanTech Silicone

CleanTech Silicone Sleeve

The CleanTech Silicone has a superior finish that makes it durable for continual use.

Arcwave  quick clean helix design

Quick Clean Helix

The smart helix interiror structure of the inner sleeve of the Pow optimizes cleaning and drying speed.

Arcwave Pow quick dry lid system

Quick-dry Lid System

The specially shaped lids give the toy better ventilation allowing for hygienic drying

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Arcwave Pow Silicone Stroker?

Insert your penis into the inner sleeve and use your finger to manually operate the air control valve on the top of the device to control the amount of sunction.

How hard is it to clean The Arcwave Pow Silicone Stroker?

The Archwave Pow is able to dry ventilate and dry fast because of the quick-dry ventilation lids and the quick clean helix.

¿Son seguros los lubricantes?

You can use the the Arcwave Pow Silicone Stroker with all lubricants except for silicone lube or oil. Silicone on silicone may lead to degradation of the toy material and we advise against using it.

Does it require batteries?

No the Arcwave Pow is a manual silicone stroker.

¿Cabrá mi pene en la funda?

The device will accommodate most penis girths and lengths.

¿Qué viene en la caja?

You’ll receive the Arcwave Pow stroker device, users manual, and safety instruction

¿Se envían mis artículos de forma discreta?

Absolutamente, todos los artículos se envían de forma discreta y llegarán en un paquete anodino sin mencionar el nombre del producto o de nuestra empresa en ninguna parte del embalaje.

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