Magic Wand Sex Toy Review: The Best Vibrator for Women?

This Magic Wand review will go over if this vibrator is a good option for those looking to enhance their pleasure. Learn about its features and see if its right for you.

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Hitachi Magic Wand Review

This Magic Wand review will go over if this vibrator is a good option for those looking to enhance their pleasure.

The Magic Wand's history goes back to the late 1960s. Initially advertised as a general body and back massager, sex educator Betty Dodson quickly popularized using the Original Magic Wand for sexual pleasure.

Quick FAQs

The Magic Wand is a massager that became popularized by Betty Dodson for its use as a vibrator.

Set the vibrator to the preferred vibration setting, and then externally apply it to the vagina for clitoral stimulation.

The Magic Wand can be a great option for those looking for high intensity and deep stimulation.

As "the Cadillac of vibrators," the magic wand has a near-mythical reputation, but does it live up to it? Our Magic Wand review will discuss if it really works.

What is the Magic Wand?

The Magic Wand is a vibrator and massager that measures a whole foot in length. It has a vibrating head that's 2.25 inches in diameter. 

The Magic Wand is safe to use externally on the vulva and clitoris.

Magic Wand reviews: Pros and Cons

Vibrators are one of those things that are about preference. While the Magic wand is pure magic for some, others aren't impressed.


  • A Magic Wand has the power to massage and relieve muscle pain. It uses the same power to deliver pleasure.
  • Some call the Magic Wand indestructible because of its durability. A lot of women report that theirs have lasted upward of 10 years.
  • Upgrades happen regularly - insertable silicone heads, more flexible heads, updated control buttons, etc.


  • Women with a sensitive clitoris don't enjoy the power of the Hitachi vibrator.
  • The size isn't always ideal, depending on whether you're going solo or with a partner.
  • The Magic Wand's 12-inch size makes it difficult to pack and travel.
  • Silicone-based lubricants will degrade the finish.

Overall, most reviewers on online marketplaces found the Magic Wand to be effective. Some women noted they experienced an orgasm in a matter of minutes.

A popular porn star also listed the Magic Wand as one of her go-to sex toys for getting clitoral stimulation.

How does the Magic Wand work?

A Magic Wand's motor is located in the body. It releases deep vibrations when externally applied and can stimulate the internal structure of the clitoris.

How to use a Magic Wand

One reason a lot of women go with an Original Magic Wand is that it's tried and true and simple to use.

The Magic Wand vibrator only has two speeds. The lowest speed has 5,000 vibrations per minute, while its 6,000 vibrations per minute for the highest setting.

Because of the sheer power of the Hitachi, it's recommended that after 25 minutes of use, you let it cool down for 30 minutes. Newer Magic Wand models shut themselves off in 20 minutes.

How you use any vibrator or sex toy is really up to you. As long as you follow packaging directions, it's safe to use alone or with a partner.

The Magic Wand and its accessories are easy to clean, too. Use an antibacterial wipe or soap to clean the vibrator thoroughly—store Hitachi products in a cool, dry, and sanitary spot.

Should you buy the Magic Wand?

Purchasing a Magic Wand is about personal preference. A few things should be considered before investing in a vibrator. Those things are:

  • Intensity
  • Noise level
  • Water resistance
  • Size
  • Settings Price

Let’s dive deeper into each issue.


One of the main features of the Hitachi vibrator is its power. If there’s a preference for less stimulation, other vibrators might be more suitable

Nonetheless, the intensity can potentially be reduced by putting a pillow or a blanket layer between you and the Magic Wand.

Noise level

The Magic Wand is not discreet when it comes to the noise level. You can find quieter wands and vibrators, but they will not be as robust.

Water resistance

A Magic Wand that plugs in should never go near water. So, if you enjoy a bit of fun in the bath or shower, you will want to go with a battery-powered and water-resistant wand.


A Magic Wand isn't a pocket-sized vibrator. It measures a foot long, weighs 2 pounds, and isn't easy to store.


Versatility isn't the Magic Wand's strong suit. There's not much in terms of settings, and the size sometimes makes it harder to access them.

You can find vibrators with all sorts of settings and speeds. However, few are as powerful as the Original Magic Wand.


The Magic Wand runs between $60 and $70, while other vibrators can cost as much as $150. You can avoid purchasing a counterfeit by buying directly from Hitachi Magic.

Magic Wand review takeaways

In a marketplace full of vibrators, the Magic Wand still stands the test of time. It delivers powerful rumbles that stimulate the clitoris and vulva and is body-safe. 

The Hitachi is primarily for external use only and is not intended for insertion into the vagina. Using a Magic Wand is straightforward to use. 

It's meant for one to enjoy themselves solo or with a sexual partner. As long as directions are followed, the Hitachi is a safe vibrator to use and purchase upgrades for. 

Many women find the $70 price tag worth it to keep a Magic Wand close by and on hand.

All women have diverse preferences and needs. Everyone's experience with the Magic Wand is different. Consider intensity, size, and settings options before investing in your next vibrator.

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

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