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Peineili Spray is a product that's designed to help treat premature ejaculation. Our review will show you if it's the right treatment for you.

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It's estimated that up to 40 percent of all men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life.

Peineili spray is one of many possible treatments for this problem.

Let's take a look at the facts below.

Quick FAQs

Peineili Spray is a premature ejaculation treatment that reduces sensitivity in the penis.

Peineili Spray features lidocaine, which is a mild anesthetic that helps desensitize the sensitive areas of the penis.

The ingredients in Peineili spray are sophora flavescens, Japanese cinnamon, clove extract, spongilla fragilis lecidy, and lidocaine.

Our Peineili spray review will go over what it is, how it works, and how to use it. We’ll also discuss the benefits, the downsides, and if there are better alternatives.

What is Peineili Spray?

Peineili Spray is a delay spray product that's designed to help men last longer in bed by reducing sensitivity in the penis.

Even just being able to delay ejaculation by a few minutes can help improve a man's confidence and self-esteem.

According to various clinical studies, most men last an average of 5.7 minutes in bed before they ejaculate. 

Premature ejaculation is considered ejaculation that occurs within 1 to 1.5 minutes or less of beginning intercourse. 

Some men may even ejaculate immediately after engaging in penetrative sex and not make it to the one-minute mark.

Premature ejaculation can lead to a variety of issues beyond just an unsatisfying sex life. 

Men dealing with premature ejaculation may also experience depression and relationship issues.

Before considering Peineili Spray as a treatment option, it’s important to know how it works, the ingredients it has, the pros and cons.

How Does Peineili Spray Work?

Peineili Spray works by decreasing sensitivity in the penis and giving men better overall control of their orgasms. The product features lidocaine, which is a mild aesthetic that helps desensitize the area.

The penis is an incredibly sensitive organ, containing more than 4,000 nerve endings in the head alone. 

During sexual intercourse, the sensitivity of the penis is often sent into hyperdrive. 

The excitement of sex combined with the sensation of penetration can cause some men to orgasm well before their partner does. 

This can lead to dissatisfaction in the bedroom and frustration following sex.

Peineili Spray comes in a bottle and is sprayed onto the penis via a nozzle prior to sex to help desensitize it. 

By taking some of the sensitivity out of sexual intercourse, the result is often longer-lasting sex and prolonged orgasm.

While clinical studies are minimal on the product, many men report in their Peineili Spray review that it has helped them prolong orgasm in the bedroom.

Some claim to have improved by up to tens of minutes. The effectiveness of Peineili Spray is likely to vary between men.

Additionally, men who use the product still report satisfying orgasms.

How to Use Peineili Spray

Using Peineili Spray is fairly easy:

  • About 10 minutes before expected sexual intercourse, spray the product onto the penis.
  • Rub the product into the skin
  • Wash your hands to avoid spreading desensitization to other areas
  • Wait about 10 minutes for the product to work, then begin having sex.

Men should experiment with what part of the penis they spray it on and how much they spray on to maximize its effectiveness. 

For instance, some men may only need a spray on the head of the penis. Others may need multiple sprays on the head and shaft to get the most out of the product.

What are the Ingredients in Peineili?

Peineili Spray contains a variety of ingredients that are linked to better ejaculation control. Some ingredients in the delay spray are also linked to helping with erectile dysfunction.

Here's a look at some of the ingredients that are found in Peineili Spray:

Sophora Flavescens: Sourced from China, this herb contains antioxidants that are believed to help with erectile dysfunction and ejaculation control. Some research indicates that it also supports healthy hair growth.

Japanese Cinnamon: While most commonly used as a spice, cinnamon is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient for preventing premature ejaculation.

Clove Extract: Like Japanese Cinnamon, Clove Extract is most commonly used as a flavoring ingredient in foods. However, it is gaining more attention as an alternative medicine to help men prolong orgasms. Clove Extract is specifically linked with desensitizing the penis when applied to the glands.

Spongilla Fragilis Lecidy: This freshwater sponge is most commonly found in cosmetic products for helping treat or manage skin-related issues.

Lidocaine: Lidocaine is a light anesthetic that's often found in over-the-counter medication to help treat minor scrapes and cuts. It works to relieve pain by desensitizing the area where it's applied. It does this by blocking the signals at the nerve endings in the skin.

    Pros of Peineili

    The biggest advantage of using Peineili Spray is that many users report prolonged orgasms after discovering where to spray it to work best. 

    This can significantly improve a couple's sex life and remove any anxiety or embarrassment from the bedroom.

    Other key advantages to using Peineili Spray include:

    • The ingredients used in the spray are all-natural and considered safe.
    • The product is easy to use. All it takes is a few sprays to the most sensitive areas of the penis about 10 minutes before intercourse.
    • Men don't need a prescription to acquire Peineili Spray. The product is purchased directly online and shipped to users in discreet packaging.
    • It tends to be more affordable than other delay sprays that are available.
    • Men can still experience satisfying orgasms while using it.

      Cons of Peineili

      There are pros and cons to every product, and Peineili Spray is no exception.

      Perhaps the biggest concern with Peineili Spray is that there's very limited clinical research on the effectiveness of the product.

      Some other potential drawbacks to Peineili Spray include:

      • There's very limited information about the Peineili Spray manufacturer, which may lead to hesitation to try a product from an unproven brand. 
      • The manufacturer does not offer any free trials, samples, returns or money-back guarantees if the product does not work.
      • The product is only able to be purchased online. It's not for sale locally and isn't something that's prescribed by a medical professional.
      • It might take some experimenting for men to get the most out of it. Some may need just one spray on the glans before sex, while others may need two or three sprays in different areas of the penis.
      • Men run the risk of transferring the desensitizing ingredients to their partners during intercourse.

          Alternatives to Peineili Spray

          There are various alternatives to using Peineili Spray as a means of prolonging orgasm.

          Some of these include:

          • Desensitizing or extra-thick condoms can help reduce friction during intercourse while offering ingredients to help desensitize the penis and make sex last longer.
          • Kegel exercises and pelvic floor exercises can help men build up muscle strength and better control orgasms.
          • Edging, the start-stop method, the squeeze method or simply just taking sex slower can all help prolong orgasm.
          • Masturbation before sex: Men may find that masturbating 30 to 60 minutes prior to sex can help improve performance.
            • Lifestyle changes such as limiting alcohol consumption, eliminating drug use and eating a healthier diet are linked to improved sexual health.
            • Behavioral therapy: In some cases, premature ejaculation may stem from underlying issues that are best treated by seeking counseling or therapy.


                    There are a variety of treatments available to help prolong orgasm, including Peineili penis delay spray for men.

                    Designed to desensitize the penis to help men last longer in bed, the product is easy to use and reportedly effective for many men despite a lack of clinical research into its effectiveness.

                    Other disadvantages of Peineili Spray include limited information about the manufacturer and a lack of free trials, money-back guarantees or a return policy on the product.

                    Alternatives to Peineili Spray include more proven delay wipes and sprays, exercises and practices, lifestyle changes and counseling.

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