How To Masturbate For Women: Complete Guide with Tips & Tricks

Wondering how to masturbate for women? This guide will show you how to get the maximum amount pleasure from your vagina.

Dr. Rachel Rubin
Board certified Urologist and assistant clinical professor in Urology
by Dr. Rachel Rubin Last updated 10/31/2023
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Masturbation for women tips

Have you been searching for how to finger yourself on the internet?

Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that; a little solo play can be a lot of fun.

Most women masturbate, and often, so you’re not alone.

Plus, masturbating is good for you.

Check out a few ways masturbation is good for your health:

  • Lowers stress levels naturally
  • Supports vaginal and reproductive health
  • No concerns of STDs or pregnancy
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves mood

Masturbation also helps you get to know your body sexually, which could easily translate to the intimate times when you're with a partner.

We've got the deets on self-pleasure endeavors below.

How to Get Ready to Masturbate

First off, get yourself prepared for solo sex. There is no right or wrong way to masturbate—but those extra few minutes of preparation can significantly enhance the experience.

Here are a few tips on how to masturbate for women.

1. Get Clean

It's much easier to get in the mood and feel sexy if you're clean. So, take some time and enjoy a warm bath or a shower; maybe enjoy your favorite showerhead.

Pro Tip: For a quick on-the-go clean, try Promescent Before and After Wipes, which can be conveniently tucked away in your nightstand or purse.

2. Eliminate distractions

Masturbation is you-time, and if it's not, it can be hard to pay attention and take your time.

A cell phone ding, a pet, and especially a kid screaming at you from beyond the bedroom door can totally kill your self-exploration efforts.

Get rid of distractions before you get started: turn off the phone, give the dog a chew toy, or steal a few minutes while the kids are occupied.

3. Don't forget the lube

Most people with vaginas can produce their own natural lubricant, but it doesn't hurt to have a little moisture to get you started.

Try an المزلق العضوي بالصبار or even incorporate a whole new sensation into the mix with a warming gel.

4. Set the mood

Turn on some music, light a scented candle, lower the lights, put on some sexy panties or lingerie, or watch porn.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel at ease and ready to explore.

Get to know your body

Self-pleasure involves getting to know your body on a more intimate level. As you take time to explore and learn about masturbation, it helps if you know a little about the different parts of the female anatomy.

Masturbation tips for women getting to know your body

1. Vagina

The vagina is a cavity of muscles extending from the cervix to the vulva. This is where you can find the G-spot.

2. The G-Spot

Inside the vagina, along the front wall, towards the abdomen, you’ll find the G-SPot (Grafenberg spot).

Some women find G-spot stimulation intensely satisfying and can even ejaculate from it.

Conversely, others experience little to no pleasure at all from G-spot stimulation.

3. Clitoris

With a long-standing reputation as one of the most pleasurable spots on a woman’s body, this tiny pea-sized gland can bring vagina owners mind-blowing pleasure.

For the clitoris, start slow; there are 8000 nerve endings located there, so it will be extremely sensitive until the blood flow increases from arousal.

4. Vulva

The vulva is made up of the labia lips, the vaginal entrance, and the outer parts of the female body.

Technically, the outer part of the clitoris and clitoral hood are part of the vulva as well.

5. Anus

The anus is basically the backdoor opening, a-hole, or anal entrance.

Even though anal stimulation is not for everyone, this is considered an erogenous zone and can be fun to explore while masturbating.

Pro Tip: Anal stimulation is one of the best ways to stimulate the A-Spot. Check out this article on how to play with your A-Spot.

6. Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are like hot spots on your body that can incite sexual arousal or pleasure, even though these parts of your body may have nothing to do with your actual genitals.

A few examples of erogenous zones include:

  • The Lips
  • Butt cheeks
  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Lower stomach

Women: Here's How To Masturbate for Every Part of Your Vagina

With the preparations out of the way to set the mood and a crash course in the parts of the body to explore while masturbating, let's get into the actual "hows" of masturbation.

Clitoral Masturbation

 Clitoral masturbation for women

Clitoral stimulation could be deemed as the most common form of female masturbation. Most women can easily reach an orgasm just by clit stimulation.

Best of all, there are a ton of techniques to try when it comes to clitoral stimulation, with just your fingers or with well-designed sex toys.

1. Tribbing

Technically, Tribbing is vulva on vulva stimulation, commonly referred to as "scissoring" and part of girl-on-girl sex.

However, you can recreate the sensations during solo play with a lot of lube and an open-leg position.

Get your hand really good and lubed, slippery even—the slicker the better.

Lie on your side with your legs spread open and rub your open palm and fingers against your vulva and clit in a side to side or back and forth motion.

2. The V or Peace sign

Using the peace sign for mastubation for women

Also known as the "Scissor's Sisters" technique, you use two fingers in a V or peace-sign fashion to apply pressure to the area surrounding your clit.

Make a peace sign with your pointer and middle finger, apply light pressure, and then sort of wiggle them until you are slightly squeezing the labia between your fingers.

3. Rub the clitoral hood

Clitoral hood rubbing is all about focusing on the soft mound of flesh just above the clit.

Apply a bit of pressure to the soft mound of flesh with your fingertips, heel of your palm, or even your thumb.

Rub back and forth, side to side, or even in a circular motion. Try different movements to determine what feels good to you.

4. Circular movements

Use either your fingertips or your flattened palm to gently press down on the clitoris or another pleasure point and then rub in a circular motion.

Switch things up by making small circles, and then larger ones, going at different speeds, or even circling in different directions.

5. Diagonal movements

Use your flattened fingers or palm to apply gentle pressure on the clit area or vulva, and then rub in a diagonal motion—some women even find that rubbing completely horizontally (side to side) feels good.

6. Tapping

Just as it sounds, tapping involves using your fingers to tap on or around sensitive areas repeatedly.

Use your fingertip(s) to lightly tap on certain areas, such as the clitoral hood or the vulva.

This can be a good way to "wake up" nerve endings in the area or even "cool down" if you are trying to delay an orgasm.

Best Vibrators & Clitoral Stimulation Products

Sex toys for clitoral stimulation come in every variety under the sun; whether you prefer a sucking one, a vibrating one, or something for just some fun friction play, there’s something out there for everyone.

1. Clitoral sucking toys

  • Womanizer - A sleek sucker that uses varied air pressure to simulate oral sex, the Womanizer has eight intensity levels, a long runtime, and is totally waterproof so you can use it with your favorite lube.
  • We-Vibe Melt - Delivers pulsing waves of suction right to the clit with pleasure air technology. Actually comes with a remote for hands-free action, which makes it just as fun to use with a partner as it is while masturbating.

2. Magic wand

A magic wand is a wand-shaped vibrator with a rounded silicone head. Women have been using these personal "massagers" for decades for all the right reasons.

Models and types can vary, but most offer variable vibration settings and some offer a bendable head.

3. Showerhead masturbation

Some women prefer shower masturbating, so a good shower head can be your incognito weapon when you need a little private self-pleasure.

  • AquaDance High Pressure - With an ergonomic handle, multiple water pattern settings, and good pressure, the Aquadance is a woman's best shower buddy when she needs to reach orgasm in the shower.
  • Waterpik High-Pressure Shower Head -The Waterpik is probably one of the most well-known shower heads because it can take low water pressure and turn it into an all-out massage—even if the area needing to be massaged is your clit.

4. Female arousal gel

Female arousal gels, such as Promescent جل الإثارة الأنثوي - دفء, contain warming agents that will really get the blood flowing to your lady parts.

With all that increased blood flow comes increased sensitivity which means greater pleasure for you.

Vaginal Masturbation: How to Finger Yourself

1. Massage the outer lips with the v or peace sign technique

Use two fingers to work your way around the labia and vagina.

Squeeze, tap, and even rub with these two fingers around and near the vaginal entrance.

2. Penetrate with your fingers or a toy

Lie with your legs apart and experiment with entry by gradually slipping in a finger or two.

Using a lubed-up toy or dildo can make it easier to reach, and you can practice entry from all kinds of positions.

How to masturbate for women with penetration

3. Hit the G-spot either with your fingers or a toy

The G-spot is on the front vaginal wall. Some describe it as having a sort of rough texture and being about the size of a walnut.

When stimulated, some women experience a G-spot orgasm.

Use a slightly crooked thumb or finger to rub the front of the vaginal wall until you find the spot that feels good.

This can be awkward because the angle can be hard to reach, but positions like the doggy position with your stomach down can help.

Toys with an angled head make it even easier to reach the G-spot.

4. Find the skene's glands and attempt female ejaculation

The skene's glands are small ducts in the front area of the vaginal wall that encourage lubrication.

It is believed that when aroused, these glands become enlarged and can be stimulated to produce the fluids most often associated with female ejaculation. However this has yet to be proven.

When you're good and aroused, focus your fingers on the engorged areas that surround your G-spot.

Apply gentle pressure to the areas and pay attention to how your body reacts.

5. Find the A-spot

You may have heard of the G-spot, but every woman born with a vagina is also rumored to have an A-spot.

The A-spot is actually located slightly deeper than the G-spot inside the vagina.

Female masturbation of the A-spot

You may need the help of a deep-reaching toy to hit the A-spot.

Much like the G-spot, the area is only accessible by reaching in and pushing outward toward the front of the body.

However, it is also possible to stimulate the A-spot through anal intercourse.

Vaginal Masturbation: Best Sex Toys

1. The Sybian

The Sybian is a high-end, ride-on adult toy with quite a reputation.

You actually straddle the Sybian, which has its own protruding dildo attached that can do all kinds of feel-good things like vibrate, rotate, stroke, or thrust, depending on the model.

2. G-spot vibrators

These vibrators are designed specifically to deliver good vibrations to the sometimes hard-to-reach spot.

  • Nova 2 - A new take on the standard rabbit vibe, Nova 2 has ten vibrating functions and can perfectly hit the G-spot and clit simultaneously.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Black Thrusting G Spot Rabbit Vibrator- This rabbit vibe actually offers thrusting action for G-spot stimulation paired with a rabbit-ear vibrator.

3. Dual penetrators for vaginal and anal stimulation simultaneously

  • Happy Rabbit Triple Vibrator - The Happy Rabbit gives you backdoor penetration, vaginal entry, and clitoral stimulation in one sex toy.
  • Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double Penetrator Suction Cup Dildo - With a sturdy suction-cup base, this dual-penetrator has a realistic build perfect for dual penetration.
  • PinkCherry Dual Penetrator Vibe - Built to be a combo of good vibes and dual penetration, this PinkCherry dildo is just big enough for beginners and perfectly pleasing for those well-versed in solo sex.

Anal Masturbation

Anal masturbation for women

If you're into a little backdoor play, grab some good lube, your favorite arousing porn video, and maybe even a sex toy to take some time to explore.

1. Begin gently rubbing the outside of the anus

Use gentle pressure using a well-lubed finger or two to tease around the outside of your entry. This helps to relax the muscles and get you in the mood.

2. Penetrate slowly with a well-lubed finger or sex toy

After soaking a sex toy or finger with ample lube, enter slowly—a few centimeters at a time. Pause with every little bit you go in to allow the muscles to relax.

Solo Anal Masturbation

Anal sex toys are just as diverse as those made for vaginal or clit stimulation, so you can easily pick your personal pleasure tool to try according to whatever you're comfortable with.

1. Butt plugs

  • Lovehoney’s Jeweled Heart - This cutesy butt plug is topped with a sparkly jewel, cinched for stay-put power while masturbating, and available in different sizes.
  • B-Vibe Anal Training & Education Set - Perfect for beginners, this little set helps your anal opening get accustomed to the sensation of being opened up little by little.

2. Anal Beads

  • B-Vibe Cinco - Boasting five graduated-size beads, this anal toy goes in easy and sends ripples of vibrations in the process.
  • Cheeky Beads Silicone Anal Beads - Simple and soft, Cheeky Beads are silicone, flexible, and give you a good grasp as you insert each rounded bulb.

3. Prostate massagers

Women who were born male can have a little added fun with the P-spot, which is actually the prostate that can be stimulated from inside the anal canal. Prostate massagers have a specifically angled head to hit the P-spot perfectly.

  • We-Vibe Vector App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Massager - Remote-controllable with an app on your phone, the We-Vibe Prostate Massager has an adjustable head to hit the right spot.
  • Lovense "Edge 2" - With a flared base, angled tip, and rippled body, the Edge 2 is ideal for P-spot stimulation and offers super-strong vibrations.

4. Rimming Toys

Rimming toys are designed to mimic the sensations of rimming, which is a type of oral/anal sex involving stimulating the anal opening.

  • B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 Butt Plug - This little rimming butt plug has rotating functions that massage the anal opening to help the body relax. Comes with a remote and USB charger.


Masturbation can feel amazing, is a great way to get to know what you like, and even comes along with health benefits.

Whether you're looking to relieve stress, experiment, provide better guidance to your partner during sex, or just have fun, female masturbation can be good for your sexual and emotional health.

When it comes to solo play, you have a lot of options to explore—from techniques and toys to sensations and positions.

Every new session is bound to yield new insight into what you like as a woman and maybe even make you feel a little sexy.

Dr. Rachel Rubin

Dr. Rachel Rubin

Dr. Rachel S. Rubin is a board-certified Urologist with fellowship training in sexual medicine. She is an assistant clinical professor in Urology at Georgetown University and practices at IntimMedicine Specialists in Washington DC. Dr. Rubin provides comprehensive sexual medicine care to all genders. She treats issues such as pelvic pain, menopause, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. Dr. Rubin is currently the education chair for the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) and an associate editor for the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews. Dr. Rubin has fellowship designation from both ISSWSH and the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA).


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