How To Have a Better Orgasm

If you've ever wondered how to have a better orgasm, these ideas will help you make your climax more intense than ever before.

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by The Promescent Team Last updated 12/11/2023
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how to have better orgasms

Have you ever wondered how to have a better orgasm? While men usually have no trouble getting one, it can be a little more of a challenge for women.

Despite that, giving her an orgasm is possible. Direct stimulation of the clitoris is often necessary for women to reach their climax.

Quick FAQs

An orgasm is the peak transient sensation of pleasure. It is also scientifically defined as the culmination of sexual arousal.

Orgasm intensity can be determined by a variety of factors including sexual excitement, sexual tension prior to orgasm, and comfort level.

Some different kinds of orgasms include clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, or G-spot orgasm.

Knowing how to have a better orgasm first requires getting a full understanding of what it is. Here’s what’s important to know about orgasms.

What Is an Orgasm?

An orgasm is scientifically defined as "the culmination of sexual arousal." The Annual Review of Sexual Research states that it is a peak transient sensation of pleasure that leads to an almost altered consciousness state. It involves involuntary physical reactions, such as:

  • Rhythmic contractions of the muscles surrounding the vagina
  • Uterine and anal contractions
  • Relaxation of the blood vessels to resolve genital swelling

Most women experience a sense of contentment and well-being after an orgasm, possibly even a little sleep. All of this is related to the release of oxytocin (often referred to as the "love hormone").

The ability of a female to achieve orgasm at all can be related to:

  • The level of sexual arousal or desire
  • Overall self-esteem
  • Relationship factors
  • Lack of environmental distractions
  • The partner's sexual techniques

The variety of factors might explain why only 50 percent of women achieve one during sex. Here are a few ideas that might help you have a better orgasm.

How to Have a Better Orgasm

1. Focus on Breathing

Research has shown sexual response in women is dependent on adequate blood flow to the genitals. Deep breathing can relax the body, causing blood flow to increase, which may in theory, increase sexual response in women.

Practice deep breathing exercises before sex to help your body get the blood flow it needs to make orgasms possible.

2. Cuddle

A lot of couples cuddle after sex, but cuddling before sex may be a simple key to how to have a better orgasm.

Studies have shown that people who receive a dose of oxytocin nasal spray before sex enjoy better orgasms. And, one way to encourage the body to produce natural oxytocin release is to cuddle.

Physical affection often leads to feelings of intimacy and connection. These feelings are related to the release of oxytocin, so before jumping right into sex, try:

  • Snuggling with a partner
  • Kissing and hugging affectionately
  • Gently caressing one another, holding hands, or lightly massaging

You could easily work a bit of affectionate bonding into foreplay to trigger an oxytocin boost and possibly enjoy a more intense orgasm.

3. Delay Gratification

Delaying gratification means depriving yourself of orgasm either temporarily or for a period of time.

Edging, for example, is a sexual technique that involves enjoying stimulation until the urge to orgasm approaches and then stopping until those sensations pass. This process can be repeated multiple times during either intercourse or masturbation. The ISSM says that edging may make orgasm more intense for some people.

4. Stimulate the Clitoris

For most women, the clitoris is a hugely important part of achieving orgasm. The Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that 37% of women required clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse. 

There are numerous ways to give the clit some attention during any sexual endeavor. For example:

  • Try sex positions like rider-on-top so you can grind against your partner during penetration
  • Use your hands to stimulate the clit during oral sex or sex positions that don't allow a lot of stimulation
  • Encourage your partner to stimulate your clit during sex

5. Consider Using a Vibrator

If there is one tool that should be on hand when trying to intensify orgasms it is a vibrator. Vibrating sex toys are designed to encourage orgasms, and evidence has shown that they can enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Women find that they enjoy different types of vibrators used in different ways. Therefore, don't hesitate to explore what styles feel best for orgasm intensity.

6. Exercise

Exercise is good for the entire body, and certain types of exercise may even support better orgasms.

General exercise or physical activity supports sexual health in quite a few ways, such as:

  • Encouraging blood flow throughout the body, including to the genitals
  • Giving self-esteem a boost, which helps during arousal
  • Releasing feel-good chemicals that may be important for libido

However, certain types of exercises may make orgasm better than usual. Case in point, doing kegels floor exercises strengthens the pelvic floor. 

Women who have a weaker pelvic floor may find it more difficult to achieve orgasm at all. And, a strengthened pelvic floor may make orgasmic contractions stronger during orgasm.

An interesting study published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy in 2011 found that some women (about 5 percent) even experience orgasms during exercise. 

Further, an even larger group of women experiences some level of sexual pleasure during physical exercises like abdominal training, yoga, or aerobics.

7. Explore Different Positions

Different sex positions could very well enhance the intensity of orgasms for several reasons. Sexual position during intercourse can affect:

  • Which areas of the body are stimulated during penetration or sex (e.g. the clitoris or g-spot)
  • The depth or angle of penetration during intercourse
  • How much control you have over your own gratification or stimulation
  • How self-confident you feel during intercourse
  • How aroused you or your partner feels during sex

If orgasm intensity has been lacking and you and your partner have been sticking to the same positions, try spicing things up.

For example, if you normally assume the doggie-style or rear-entry position, the clitoris may not be getting enough pressure or stimulation during sex. Therefore, the intensity of orgasms may be diminished. Trying the missionary or lotus position may help enhance clitoral orgasms.

Changing positions can also target one of the things that often get in the way of being able to orgasm as a woman: boredom. Sometimes, new positions inject a bit of excitement into intercourse that drives arousal, encourages orgasm, and may even make orgasms better.

8. Use Lube

Ample lubrication is always a must when it comes to sexual stimulation, even if there is stimulation without penetration.

Having enough lube means there is less of a chance that movements against the nerve-riddled areas like the clitoris will produce uncomfortable pulling or friction. However, lube has been proven to significantly increase sexual pleasure.

As a side note, modern personal lubricants can be found that have added agents to enhance sensual experiences. For example, a lube with warming agents may encourage blood flow to the clitoris and make the eventual climax even more intense than usual.

Orgasms can undoubtedly be a pleasurable experience for women. But there can also be variances in orgasm intensity.

What Determines Orgasm Intensity?

Orgasm intensity is determined by various things such as a partner's comfort level, sexual excitement, or how much sexual tension has been built up before orgasm.

It is important to note that every person does not experience orgasm on the same level. Further, it is perfectly natural for some orgasms to be more memorable and intense than others. The intensity can vary for a lot of reasons.

According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), orgasm intensity can be affected by:

  • Low arousal levels
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Routine sex or boredom with sex
  • Birth control
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Age
  • Hormone levels

Different Kinds of Orgasms

Not only can orgasms vary in intensity, but there are also different types of female orgasms.

How many legitimate or proven types of orgasm there are can vary depending on the source you go to for information. However, there are certain types of orgasms that come up the most often.

The Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoral orgasm occurs when there is direct stimulation to the external parts of the clitoris.

The clitoris is often named the primary center of sexual pleasure for a woman and is most associated with female orgasms.

Keep in mind, the clitoris is a larger organ than what is visible as the small bud of flesh at the joint of the labia lips. 

The internal parts of the clitoris extend toward the vaginal opening. Therefore, the clitoris may also be related to other types of orgasms.

The Vaginal (Penetration) Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm is an orgasm that occurs without direct clitoral stimulation. This means that a woman reaches a climax with penetration alone.

The G-Spot Orgasm

There has been a lot of back and forth about whether the G-spot actually exists. This mainly because there is no defined point in female anatomy that is consistent among all women.

Nevertheless, a g-spot orgasm is thought to occur when a certain generalized area of the inside of the vagina is stimulated. This area is thought to be in the frontal wall of the vaginal canal. A g-spot orgasm may be more likely to cause female ejaculation.

How to Have Better Orgasms - Takeaways

Orgasms naturally vary in intensity depending on a number of factors, including state of arousal and hormones.

However, there may be natural ways to make orgasms more intense, such as new sex positions, edging, and targeting the clitoris.

Give all these ideas a try to see if it helps enhance orgasms during sexual activity. One way to support female sexual function is by introducing VitaFLUX for women to your daily regimen. 

VitaFLUX delivers much-needed nutrients to naturally enhance lubrication and libido, which can mean stronger orgasms.

The Promescent Team

The Promescent Team

Our team has over a decade of experience in the sexual wellness field and are experts in sexual dysfunctions, like premature ejaculation. We help couples and individuals better understand treatment options available for different types of sexual needs and educate the public on all things related to intimacy. All of our authored content is medically reviewed for accuracy and reliability.


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