Viril X Review: Does it Work?

Our Viril X Review will explore how effective this male enhancement supplement is. Learn everything about the product before you buy it.

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by The Promescent Team Last updated 12/11/2023
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Looking for an easy way to enhance your sex life as a man? If so, there is no shortage of supplements that claim to deliver a long list of results.

Viril X is one such supplement that claims to help with everything from penile size to achieving stronger erections. With 21 different ingredients, Viral X may look promising, but can it deliver all that is promised?

Quick FAQs

Viril X is a male enhancement supplement that's advertised as being able to increase stamina, strength, and size.

The reviews are mixed, with some customers stating it worked, and others stating it was not effective.

Some reviewers noted a mild difference in stamina after a few weeks of using the product.

Below is a closer look at Viril X, the ingredients in the supplement formula, and a few Viril X reviews.

What Is Viril X?

Viril X is a male enhancement supplement made from a proprietary blend of ingredients advertised as being able to enhance size, stamina, and strength.

The manufacturer of Viril X makes some impressive claims when it comes to supporting male sexual performance and function. The product page says the supplement supports men looking for:

  • Stronger erections
  • Help for premature ejaculation (PE)
  • More semen volume
  • Better libido
  • Testosterone increase
  • Help to lose weight and have more stamina
  • Reaching their "full potential penis size"
  • Faster recovery after a workout
  • Support to build lean muscle mass

Viril X is made by Dignity Bio-Labs, which is a California-based company that produces different supplements to target certain aspects of health, including prostate health, healthy cognitive function, and joint health.

Viril X Ingredients

Viril X contains 50 mg of niacin and 26 mg of zinc oxide in one two-capsule serving, as well as a proprietary blend of other ingredients.

While the manufacturer does not provide how much of each ingredient is in the formula, they do offer a list of ingredients on the website, including:

    • Miura Puama leaves
    • Tribulus terrestris fruit
    • Avena sativa leaf
    • Kola nut seed
    • Maca leaves
    • Pumpkin seed
    • L-arginine HCL
    • Korean ginseng root
    • Nettles leaf
    • Eleuthero root (Siberian ginseng)
    • Ginger root
    • Catuaba bark
    • Sarsaparilla leaf
  • Barrenwort leaf (horny goat weed)
  • L-citrulline
  • American ginseng root
  • Boron citrate
  • Orchic substance
  • Cayenne

    Pros and Cons of Viril X

    Before getting into the specifics of Viral X and Viril X reviews, here is a general overview of pros and cons to consider.


    • No prescription required for purchase
    • Manufacturer claims to offer a 90-day refund policy if buyers are not happy with the product
    • Contains ingredients known to support certain aspects of male sexual function
    • Product is made in the USA in a facility certified by the Food and Drug Administration
    • Dignity Bio-Labs claims to have products tested by a third-party professional for contamination or compromised ingredients


      • Viril X has not undergone clinical trials to prove its efficacy
      • The supplement has not been approved by the FDA
      • Dignity Bio-Labs is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) even though the website claims the company is BBB accredited
      • The proprietary blend of ingredients does not disclose exactly how much of each ingredient the user is are getting
      • There may be a high risk of side effects due to the long list of ingredients
    • One bottle is rather costly at $54.95 per bottle
      • Dignity Bio-Labs has an "F" rating due to customer complaints
      • Other over-the-counter options are more trustworthy
      • Refunds may be harder to obtain than what the manufacturer claims

        Does Viril X Work?

        Some Viril X reviews claim the product does work in some respects, but there are just as many complaints.

        The long list of ingredients and proposed benefits make it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the product. There are a few key ingredients that could live up to the claims. 

        It should be noted, however, that the research is limited on many ingredients and there is no way to tell how much of these ingredients are included in Viril X.

        A few examples of ingredients in Viril X and how they could offer sexual benefits include:

        • Tribulus terrestris may help with erections at high doses (1,500 mg per day)
        • L-arginine may be effective when combined with other therapies to treat ED

          How to Take Viril X

          The manufacturer of Viril X states that men should take two capsules by mouth every day with a full eight-ounce glass of water.

          Due to the extensive list of ingredients in Viril X, it is definitely a good idea to discuss taking the supplement with a physician. This is especially the case for men who have existing medical conditions or are taking other medications or supplements.

          Potential Side Effects of Viril X

          Any time a supplement contains an extensive list of ingredients, the risk of side effects becomes more profound than usual.

          The manufacturer does not disclose any anticipated side effects. However, much of what’s used to make the formula may have potential negative or adverse reactions. 

          They may also be associated with allergic reactions. Take a look at some ingredients in Viril X and the known side effects to watch for:

          • Ginseng: Insomnia, nervousness, blood pressure changes, vomiting, and rare reports of allergic reactions
          • Horny goat weed (Barrenwort): May increase the risk of bleeding due to slowed blood-clotting processes and increase levels of estrogen
          • Kola nut: Restlessness, increased heart rate, insomnia, and headache

          In addition to each ingredient coming with its own collection of potential side effects, the combination of different ingredients could also heighten the risks of negative effects.

          More than one ingredient may have an effect on your ability to fall asleep, making the risk of sleep disruptions potentially high.

          The lack of knowledge of Viril X’s ingredient dosage levels also presents an increased risk of side effects.

          It’s extremely common for male enhancement supplements to contain ingredients that should not be included.

          There have actually been prescription drugs found in some low-quality male enhancement products, such as sildenafil and tadalafil, both of which carry major risks of adverse effects.

          Even though Viril X has not been examined or reported to contain these agents, this is something to keep in mind with all male enhancement supplements available over-the-counter.

          Viril X Reviews - What Do People Have to Say?

          While Viril X reviews on the product website itself are mostly positive statements, the bulk of Viril X reviews available elsewhere do seem primarily negative.

          A few one and two-star reviews noted:

          • The product did not work as advertised
          • Requesting a refund due to ineffectiveness and not getting a refund as promised
          • Customer service could not answer questions about ingredients directly

          By contrast, some positive Viril X reviews stated that the product did offer some benefits. For example, one Viril X review stated the product "really worked" for stamina and performance.

          Almost a third of the reviews on Amazon for Viril X are one or two star with complaints regarding:

          • Gastrointestinal issues, tingling skin, and other side effects
          • No noticeable difference in stamina, erections, or libido
          • No noticeable benefits in energy or muscle building in the gym
          • Problems with erectile function after taking the supplement

          As far as customer service, Dignity Bio-Labs has nearly two dozen complaints on the BBB website. Reviewers have stated they had issues with being charged for products not received or after getting a free trial or faced unreasonable shipping delays. 

          Many have complaints regarding getting a refund when unsatisfied with a product.

          How Long Does it Take For Viril X to Work?

          Many Viril X reviews state that they saw only a mild difference in stamina after taking the supplement for a few weeks. Other users claimed that they saw no difference even after taking a full bottle.

          Is Viril X Right for Me?

          Any time you are considering taking a supplement for sexual enhancement, it is best to discuss the idea with a doctor.

          Viril X may be proposed as "natural" and "safe," however, even natural ingredients and nutrient additives can come along with a risk of side effects. 

          When there's a large combination of these ingredients, such is the case with Viril X, the chances of adverse effects can be even greater. And, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which ingredient is causing problems.

          Viril X may offer some benefits. It does have ingredients that support blood flow to the penis to support erections and can potentially boost energy levels and stamina. 

          However, some claims made by the manufacturer are unfounded.

          For example, Viral X's manufacturers claim that the product will help with penile size, which is not medically possible without risky procedures. 

          What the product may help with is boosting nitric oxide to support erections. That can potentially help men with ED see a stronger erection than usual.

          With no way to tell how much of key ingredients are in each dose, it makes it difficult to say whether the supplement will help with certain conditions.

          For instance, some types of ginseng help with ED, but the manufacturer of Viril X does not state how much ginseng is used in each capsule.

          All things considered, customers should look for alternatives to Viril X male enhancement supplements for more reliable usage outcomes.

          Viril X Alternatives to Consider

          Viril X pulls together many ingredients that may offer some level of sexual support for men. Nonetheless, more precise formulas are better alternatives to consider.

          One good example of a Viral X alternative is VitaFLUX Nitric Oxide Booster from Promescent. VitaFLUX is a supplement that can possibly support different areas of sexual function for men, including stamina, stronger erections, and more.

          It features a list of clinically proven ingredients that can support male libido and erectile functioning. 

          For example, the combination of L-citrulline, L-arginine, and L-carnitine are in the formula to boost nitric oxide levels. The boosting of nitric oxide levels can help men achieve and maintain a strong erection. 

          Likewise, zinc may naturally boost stamina and support the production of testosterone. Further, the amount of each ingredient in the supplement is provided.

          In a dose of VitaFLUX supplements, you get:

          • 10.5 mg of zinc sulfate
          • 64 mg of magnesium
          • 1,000 mg of L-carnitine tartrate
          • 1,000 mg of L-citrulline
          • 2,000 mg of L-arginine

          VitaFLUX also does not contain known allergens or herbal agents that are likely to cause negative side effects.

          You may also want to consider other options for problems with premature ejaculation that don't require taking a supplement at all. For example, the squeeze technique or edging can delay ejaculation during sex and possibly help with building more stamina over time.

          Takeaways to Remember About Viril X

          Viril X may offer some level of sexual enhancement for men, but the supplement has not been clinically evaluated and may carry the risk of side effects.

          Due to the fact that Viril X contains so many ingredients, the risk of negative reactions could be heightened. Further, it can be difficult to determine if the supplement works for any given male sexual function complaint.

          When looking for supplements to support sexual function, stick with brands that have products containing well-tested ingredients. Several alternatives are available with a better reputation and safety profile, such as VitaFLUX for men.

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          The Promescent Team

          The Promescent Team

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