How Many Shots Can a Normal Man Go At Sex: More Than Once?

You've had sex and have both finished but she still wants more. Just how many rounds can a normal guy go. We're here to find out.

Dr. Faysal Yafi
Board certified Urologist specializing in sexual health
by Dr. Faysal Yafi Last updated 12/13/2023

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Have you ever been totally relaxed and done after sex, and your partner wants you to go just one more round?

A second-round may sound like a foreign idea to most men, but some men can have little to no refractory period and can cum multiple times.

So, how many rounds can a normal man go? What's the average, or is there an average at all?

To correctly answer that, we’ll first need to define what it means to "cum." Let's take a look at the specifics.

What does it mean to cum vs. ejaculate?

To cum means to have an orgasm, while to ejaculate is to produce seminal fluid. Neither have to involve sex, as masturbation can produce the same outcomes.

The word "cum" is thought to be a variation of the phrase "come off," which was first used in porn several decades ago. It’s often used to explain both male and female orgasms.

Quick FAQs

While there are several factors to consider here, such as age and lifestyle, just to name a couple. It is thought that most healthy men can cum somewhere between one and five times per sex session.

No, a lot of men can only cum once. If that's the case for you, then just try to make it last longer, so you don't necessarily need to go multiple rounds.

Yes, there are several techniques such as edging and the start-stop method that you can employ, but there are other things like diet and exercise that can help you go another round or two.

What is cumming?

The word "cumming" is a more generic term used to explain the action of a man having an orgasm.

The term can be used in different ways and is often used interchangeably. For example, in porn, you’ll hear guys say they are cumming when they squirt semen when in reality, they’re ejaculating.

How to cum more than once

Maybe you're after more than just ejaculation, and you want to have more than one orgasm, which may be possible for some men with a bit of practice.

1. Squeeze method

The squeeze technique can take a little trial and error, and the method requires that you get really in-tune with your body.

Essentially, the squeeze method just involves nearing an orgasm, stopping sexual activity, and squeezing the glans (head) gently until you don't feel like you are about to ejaculate. Once the urge has subsided, you're free to get back to it.

The trick to this method is to find your personal stopping point before you ejaculate and then figure out how long you need to wait before getting back to sex.

2. Start-stop method

The stop-start technique, A.K.A. edging, is an excellent way to control orgasms and may help you both last longer during sex and possibly encourage multiple orgasms.

What you will be doing with the stop-start method is delaying an orgasm. You have sex, stop when you feel the urge to orgasm, and totally hit the brakes. Some men even stop until their erection starts to subside.

When it's all clear, get back to work. Edging may make your orgasm more intense than usual, but it may also help you go a second round.

What is ejaculating?

Ejaculation is the release of semen and sperm and, for most men, usually goes hand in hand with the male orgasm.

However, some men can have an orgasm without ejaculation, which is referred to as a dry orgasm.

How to ejaculate more than once

In order to go more rounds during sex, you may need to do a bit of exercise to build your stamina and encourage blood flow to reduce your refractory period. Here are a few ideas.

1. Kegels

Kegels (pelvic floor exercises) helps build the muscles around the penis and can potentially support blood flow to the area, reduce your refractory period, help you ejaculate multiple times, and even help you build stamina and last longer.

Kegels are a simple exercise; just find the muscles that help you stop urine flow and learn how to contract them.

Once you do, hold them for five seconds, release and repeat ten times. Do three sets of these daily, and in a few weeks, you should start noticing improved orgasm control

2. Abstaining from masturbation

Not ejaculating for a few days can help heighten the sensitivity levels in your penis and increase your sexual appetite so when you do have sex. In theory, you may be able to ejaculate more than once.

If you have a hard time skipping porn and masturbation for just one day, you could check out NoFap for a little extra support.

How many shots can a normal man go?

While the science is still out on exactly how many rounds a normal man can go. Men don't have a limited supply of ejaculate they can produce, so this is not some built-in bodily reserve that can get depleted or run out.

When ejaculation happens, a man's body gets back to making more almost immediately.

Of course, cumming more than once in a short time frame can mean that you won't see the same volume of ejaculate every time.

In fact, you may even have an orgasm without ejaculating at all. It can take several minutes or more for the body to build the level of seminal fluid available back up after ejaculation.

Refractory period

Following an orgasm, most men will experience a period of time when they won't be able to achieve ejaculation again, and some even lose their erection.

The refractory period can be extremely short-lived for some men and over in just a matter of minutes, but that’s typically a young man's game.

Studies show that the refractory period can be much longer for older men, sometimes lasting as long as 12 to 24 hours.

Why can't I cum more than once

So if you have tried all methods and techniques mentioned above and still feel like a one-hit-wonder, there may be other factors at play affecting your ability to go more than one round.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs - drinking a lot and smoking tobacco can impact whether you can go round after round. These lifestyle behaviors might be to blame for your inability to keep going after you’ve already ejaculated.

Age - In general, a young man has more rounds in him than an older guy, which is probably no news to any man. If you're in your 20s, your recovery time after ejaculation could be just a few minutes, while a man over 30 or 40 may need 30 minutes, an hour, or several hours of rest. Some men may only be able to ejaculate once a day.

Mental Health - Relationship concerns with your partner, depression, performance anxiety, stress—all of these can have a part to play in how many rounds you can go during sex. Also, some medications that you may take for mental health-related concerns can affect sexual function, even your ability to get an erection or achieve an orgasm.

One way to support your sexual stamina is to take a good supplement that is designed to support a man's sexual health. For example, ڤَيتا فلَكس helps maintain testosterone levels, improves erectile functioning, and enhances your overall libido.

What are the risks: Can you cum too much?

Answer: Not really, but there is always the risk of too much of a good thing.

Generally speaking, as long as you are not feeling any kind of pain, burning, or discomfort when you have an orgasm or cum, you're probably not doing any harm.

But, if you’re trying to rack up a big number and start feeling anything out of the ordinary, stop and maybe think about scaling things back a bit.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning a marathon sex session, keep plenty of Promescent premium lube around to prevent friction-related injuries like road rash.

Also, as a side note, if you have some medical issues, a prolonged sex session may not be the best idea. So always follow your doctor's advice in that respect.

Bottom line, if anything hurts with a marathon-style session, be it masturbation or sex, you should probably discuss it with your doctor. 


In the end, whether you can or can't go multiple rounds during sex can be related to everything from age to health and the fact that every guy is different.

Some men can only get off one time during a sexual session, while others may be able to go several times.

As long as your partner's satisfied with the pleasure you deliver, it probably won't matter if you cannot cum more than once.

The most important thing for your sex life is not the quantity or number of times but the quality and duration. If you need a little help with the latter to last longer, be sure to check out Promescent Desensitizing Spray or Desensitizing Wipes.

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      Dr. Faysal Yafi

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